Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Youtubers

Many of Youtubers are hyped about Wizards Unite game and they already started to share videos about it!


We are very close to an augmented reality Harry Potter game, it will be released soon. Many of the Youtubers and Potterheads are already excited about it. Even some of those players created videos about the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and published.

There are many expectations about the game. Especially, after the upsetting results about the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Potterheads already very interested about the new game and started to share their thoughts about it.

Especially, Youtubers are very interested in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Go Shiny Hunter


One of the earliest Youtubers who started to share videos about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is “Go Shiny Hunter“. He is also one of the first Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery streamers.



WizardsTube, is one of the most famous Harry Potter streamers. He is sharing videos about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and very hyped about Wizards Unite.

Real Phit Gamer


Real Phit Gamer is a Potterhead and very excited about every single Harry Potter game, especially the augmenEted reality supported, Wizards Unite.

Trainer Tips


Trainer Tips is basically a Pokemon GO streamer, but he is very hyped about augmented reality Harry Potter game.

The Room of Requirement


This channel is especially dedicated for Harry Potter and games about the series. He started his channel with Hogwarts Unite and already created tons of content for Wizards Unite.



WitchesUnite is one of the female Harry Potter streamers of Youtube. Her channel is new, but her content is amazing!

Wizard Tricks


Wizard Tricks already started to share tips and ideas about the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. If you are interested about the game and to see what you are going to expect, you must watch him!

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