What is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? How to Play It?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released soon. You can read what you could expect from the game, possible features and share your thoughts and ideas about Wizards Unite in this post.

Players were looking forward for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for a long time. Especially, after the upsetting gameplay of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, players suggested a lot of ideas to Niantic and worked hard to get a game that they exactly want.

Even before its release, Wizards Unite gained too much attention from Youtubers, AR fan players and Potterheads. It is hyped too much and players are waiting a perfect game. Looks like the game will provide the big wizarding universe which is harmoniously working with the real one.

Niantic didn’t share any trailers or in-game screenshots about gameplay, but people already started to share their expectations and possible gameplay videos on Youtube.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an Augmented Reality Supported Game

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a technology called Augmented Reality, which is allowing to combine real world instruments with the in-game items or actions. The AR technology that is we are familiar from the famous Pokemon GO, is waiting us in Wizards Unite too.

Players will interact with real world and also they will carry the wizarding world in their pockets. You can be sure you are going to see a unique gaming experience.

Niantic: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a Unique Universe

One of the developers of the game, Niantic stated they are using suggestions and feedbacks from players and developing the game just like the players want.

According to statements and comments from Niantic, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will have those features:

  • Customizable avatar and character profile
  • Character level and spells connected with levels
  • Explorable content (Horcruxes, new creatures etc.)
  • Multiple language support
  • Advanced feedback and suggestion platform

Niantic officially mentioned this features, and they are very cautious about the game because of the fake news and gossips they experienced before the release of Pokemon GO. They are sharing limited information and not answering everything about the game to prevent what they experienced before the release of Pokemon GO.


It looks like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going to be the most advanced game about wizarding world. Especially, with the help of AR instruments, players will enjoy a purely unique gaming experience.

Wizards Unite already reached a big audience, even before its official release. But there are many expectations and suggestions for Niantic, from players to avoid them to make same mistakes they did before, in Hogwarts Mystery.

Potion Making

Many of players think a potion system will make the game more enjoyable. Players want to gather ingredients with the AR technology and use those for the potion making. Potions can be used for many advantages in the game.

Duelling Feature

It would be very fun if someone could start a duel when they met with another player on the street. Players are demanding this feature from the developers.

Bluetooth Supported External Wand

Perhaps, the most important request of players is an external wand which is supported by Bluetooth connection to cast spells. Niantic is already think about it and trademarked everything about the game in many countries. That might be signal for future release of this kind of products.

Quiz Feature

Players also demanding and expecting trivia like quizzes from Pottermore and Harry Potter universe to develop their characters. Niantic didn’t answered questions about this request, but players are expecting this feature in the game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Uyumlu Cihazlar
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is already very popular

Niantic is developing a game based on feedbacks and requests from users this time. They are not saying too much about updates and features about the game, but they are officially telling, developers are following the suggestions and requests. So, our suggestions and expectations are very important to get a game that we exactly want.

You can share your ideas and expectations in comments section. So you can shape the Wizards Unite by sharing your ideas and thoughts with other players, and perhaps the developers.

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