Harry Potter: Wizards Unite News and Updates

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is just around the corner. Developers are already started to announce new features about the game. In this post, you can read the latest news and updates about the game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic is very excited about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Also, the players are already hyped about the game. With the news about it, players getting more and more excited about the game. After the fail of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Wizards Unite is getting more importance in the eyes of the Potterheads.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Trademarked

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game is going big by getting trademarked by its owners. The owner of the game announced as Warner Bros. Entertainment.

The publishing and theatrical stage rights are copyrighted by J.K Rowling. Also, other rights like characters, names and related materials are copyrighted by Warner Bros.

Looks like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going big by copyrighting everything, even the rights of the names and characters. Players are very excited about the game with those recent news, because products like toys and clothing might be on sale after the release of the game. That feeds the hype about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

New Features Confirmed by Developers

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be the game of the year for sure. Developers are already confirmed many features but they are still improving the game by adding new things with the help and suggestions from Potterheads.

We already know from the beginning; the game is supported by augmented reality. But with the recent announcement that made by developers, they announced, there will be many RPG elements like levels, experience, customisable clothes, avatars and more.

Developers also announced, they will add augmented reality to player’s surrounds and those will affect the exploration and progress of the game. Niantic and Portkey Games are very cautious about the announcements because of the hype. They are slowly announcing the features and they are not confirming any rumours about the game.

Wizards Unite will be Released in the Second Half of 2018

Niantic’s CEO talked about the release date in China and announced they will release the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the second half of the year. He didn’t announce the exact date of release because the game is still under development and beta tests.

Players are very excited about the release. The CEO also mention this game can narrow the “gaming gap” between the generations, because it is suitable for every age, starting from the kids to adults.

Wizards Unite is Now Supporting 21 Languages

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is getting ready for the release. With the suggestions of players around the world, developers worked hard on language support. They added 21 languages including, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish and Russian.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite supported languages
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite supported languages

It is not certain if there will be more languages in future, but those 21 language are ready and more than enough for many Potterheads around the globe.

Niantic Announced “Suggestion Tool” About Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

As we all know, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality supported mobile game and those games needs live interaction points. Niantic announced, they are developing a new solution for those stops.

They are creating a webpage along with the game, purely for suggestions about those interactive spots. Developers will allow players to suggest point of interest and other augmented reality related ideas.

Niantic will also show the current status and updates about the game on that webpage too.

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