How to Sign Up Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Beta?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a beta process which is only accessible with the invitation. In this post, you can learn how to sign up and increase your chances for the invitation.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, probably the most anticipated game of the year is almost ready to be published. According to latest news were came from Niantic, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going to be published July 2019.

But players are still super excited about the game and Niantic Labs is ready for a closed beta registration! Players can start to play the most anticipated augmented reality of the year, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in closed beta, with an invitation of course.

There are plenty of information about how to get closed beta invitation, but information and guides around the web are mostly crowded and disinformative. So, in this post, we created a detailed guide about how to sign up Wizards Unite Beta and how to increase your chances to get an invitation.

Harry Poter: Wizards Unite Pre-registration

You can pre-register Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and will be able to get a custom invitation by using the ‘Pre-register’ link below. If you don’t see the ‘Pre-registration‘ button on the Google Play page which is opened when is clicked the link below, you live in the unavailable country. However, don’t worry! We are writing a new tutorial to explain how to pre-register in the unavailable countries. We are going to publish it today. Follow US!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Pre-register

What is Wizards Unite Beta?

Wizards Unite Beta
Potterheads are excited about Wizards Unite Beta

After the postpone of release date, players are super excited about playing Wizards Unite in closed beta. Closed beta is a stage of bug fixing and game improvement. Usually, developers choose people to test game development and report bugs.

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, closed beta tests are only accessible with an invitation. If you can get it, you can start playing the game right away, maybe with a few bugs or more, but you can still play it.

How to Sign Up Wizards Unite Beta?

There is not a certain way to sign up Harry Potter: Wizards Unite beta. You need an invitation to register and try the game in the beta stage.

Niantic Labs are not giving any official information about how to sign up it or how to get invitation, but Potterheads and gamers are found some hidden tips about how it.

To sign up Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you need an invitation link from Niantic Labs. If you accepted in the beta stage, you will get a registration link in your email and you will access the download link of the game.

Beta stage is currently not active and there isn’t any release date for the beta too. But it is expected to be live in a few months.

Many Youtubers are already sharing videos about how to sign up Wizards Unite beta. As you can see on the video above, WizardTube is giving a detailed explanation about it.

Also, in the video below, a famous Harry Potter Youtuber, Wizard Tricks sharing his thoughts and knowledge about Wizards Unite too. If you are looking for more detailed information, you can watch those two videos.

How to Increase Your Chances to get Wizards Unite Beta Invite?

Unfortunately, there is no any official information about how to get beta invitation or what makes your chances higher. But, invitations started to send and people who get those sharing their experience about it.

First of all, you need to register on Harry Potter Wizards Unite website. You can sign up to official webpage of Wizards Unite by clicking here and using the “sign up” button in the page. That is the only necessary step to join closed beta.

But, it is not the only step of getting invited. You also need to follow Niantic’s social media accounts, play other augmented reality games like Pokemon Go. Experienced users and other beta testers stated the ways of increasing your chances.

Use Google Account

You need to use Google account to increase your chances to get Wizards Unite Beta invite. Also, Android users are luckier for getting invites because developers currently working on the Android environment.

So, it is essential to use a Google Account and signing up Wizards Unite official webpage with this account.

Sign Up Wizards Unite Official Webpage

You need to sign up Wizards Unite Official Webpage by clicking here. It is important to use your Google Account to register this webpage.

Official webpage is only for updates but it is necessary for getting invitation to beta.

Signing up Wizards Unite Beta
You can sign up to Wizards Unite official webpage by clicking this button

Follow Niantic’s Social Media Accounts and Blog

Following Niantic’s Twitter and Facebook accounts could increase your chance to get invitation of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Also you can follow Niantic’s blog too.

Be Active on Social Media

Interact with Niantic’s social media accounts, share ideas and thoughts about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Also, if you are a streamer or game critic, you have a great chance to get a closed beta invitation for Wizards Unite. That is same with the game bloggers too.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta Process
You can mention Wizards Unite Twitter account to increase your chances.

Share About Harry Potter

Share your information and knowledge on social media about Harry Potter Lore. That shows you are very interested about this game and improves the chances to get a closed beta invitation.

Don’t forget to use hashtags and mentions when you are sharing those. Mention Niantic’s accounts and hashtag #HarryPotter, #WizardsUnite or similar.

Play Ingress and Pokemon Go

Those two games are essential to get an invitation. The beta process is mostly for active players, because bugs needs to be found and fixed. That means, active players can search better, so you need to be active on other Niantic’s games to get an invitation to Wizards Unite.

It is not certain, how long you need to play those two games, but longer is better.


To get news and updates of Wizards Unite follow our social media accounts.

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