How Many Levels are There in Wizards Unite?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a level system. That is, when Wizards Unite players do something, such as fighting a Werewolf, he or she gains XP points and levels up. Let’s learn how many there are.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was released on 18th April as a beta in New Zealand. In this way, we could learn the gaming dynamics of it. One of them is that Wizards Unite has a level system. In other words, when a player does some activities on the game, such as preparing a potion, finding a foundable and fighting it, or completing a task gains XP points. Then, if the XP points reach the limit, the player levels up.

How Many Levels Does Have Wizards Unite?

Wizards Unite has 20 levels in Beta. When it is released, it has 60 levels.


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