Expelliarmus (Disarming Charm)

Expelliarmus is the most common spell of wizarding world that causes the opponent drop whatever he or she is holding that moment. It is very common in duels.


The most common spell of wizarding world, Expelliarmus, also known as Disarming Charm. Expelliarmus causes target person to drop wand or whatever person is holding in that moment and disarms the person. Expelliarmus spell is very effective in duels, even it can save the wizard’s life.

Expelliarmus spell is very often the battles and duels between wizards. When it causes the opponent to drop the wand, it can easily change the way of the duel. Expelliarmus is known as oldest spell and it was used by Harry Potter in many situations.

It is unknown when and where the Expelliarmus created. According to some historians, Expelliarmus’s creator was Merlin. But some oppositions are present and according to those historians, Expelliarmus was started to use by some magicians in Madagascar from 11th century. And the third claim about Expelliarmus is it was used by Elizabeth Smudgling for the first time in 1379. None of these claims are certain or proven.

Expelliarmus spell is not only for dropping opponent’s wand, it can also neutralize a spell or reverse it. Even using Expelliarmus in this way isn’t popular, when Harry Potter was reversed Lord Voldemort’s death curse with this spell it gained importance.

When Expelliarmus used by more than people at same time, it’s not only dropping the opponent’s wand, it also pushes the target backwards. It was appeared on the series for the first time when Ron, Hermione and Harry used Expelliarmus against Severus Snape all together. Expelliarmus also used by Harry Potter in lessons he gave to Dumbledore’s Army.

Special Notes About the Spell

  • Expelliarmus are knows as Harry Potter’s signature spell.

Known Users of the Spell

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