Avada Kedavra (Killing Curse)

Avada Kedavra is one of the most dangerous and unforgiven curses in wizarding world. When Avada Kedavra that also known as death spell casted, it certainly kills someone.


Avada Kedavra, also known as Killing Curse is the most important curse of dark arts. It is one of the unforgivable curses and kills the target directly. It kills the target peacefully without any pain or leaving any mark. Avada Kedavra known as most dangerous and powerful spell of wizarding world.

There is only one protection spell for Avada Kedavra. Avada Kedavra’s only protection is power of love. Love spell allows one to give his or her live to keep target alive. When Avada Kedavra casted, someone has to die. There isn’t any protection or shielding spell against Avada Kedavra.

Avada Kedavra is created by black wizards in Middle Ages. It was used in duels very often in its era. Until 1927, Avada Kedavra used against dangerous creatures for long time but lately, it banned with Cruciatus and Imperius spells. Using Avada Kedavra is strictly forbidden by Ministry of Magic and its users are punished by imprisonment in Azkaban.

At Wizarding Wars, Avada Kedavra was allowed to use with other three unforgivable spells. The spell was used against Death Eaters many times.

Avada Kedavra used by Lord Voldemort to kill Harry Potter’s family. Voldemort’s spell failed and caused the scar of Harry Potter. Harry Potter known as only wizard who were survived from Avada Kedavra spell. The real reason of Harry Potter’s survival is the love magic casted by Harry Potter’s mother Lily Potter. Lily took the effects of Avada Kedavra on herself and sacrificed her life to save Harry Potter.

Two wizards who have wand with same core can’t cast Avada Kedavra. When they try to cast it an energy effect called Priori Incantatem happens between the wands and restrains the spell. This effect can be seen on a duel between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter’s forth year at Hogwarts.

Only creature can resist against Avada Kedavra spell is Phoenix. When Phoenixes die, they can born again from their ashes and theoretically this neutralizes the Avada Kedavra. Phoenixes are known as semi-resistant creatures against the Avada Kedavra.

Known Users of the Spell

  • Lord Voldemort
  • Bartemius Crouch Jr
  • Petter Pettigrew
  • Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Thorfinn Rowle
  • Severus Snape
  • Delphini

Expect those people, Avada Kedavra spell used by many wizards during Wizarding Wars.

Where it Mentioned?

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  • Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince (Movie, Book and Video Game)
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