One of the rarest abilities of the Wizarding World, Metamorphmagus is ability to change into anything without using any spell or potion.


Metamorphmagus is the ability of changing body and look into something desired without using any spell or potion. It is very rare and valuable if the wizard can control the ability.

In wizarding world, many of wizards use Polyjuice Potion to transform, but wizards with Metamorphmagus ability can change into anything without using potions.

Metamorphmagus is one of the rarest abilities of the wizarding world.

Different from the Animagus, wizard can not only transform animal forms, but also change his or her gender, height, age or any other traits. Also, wizards with Metamorphmagus can take the shape of the desired person.

Metamorphmagus starts from the wizards’ birth, and it is not possible to learn it later.

Metamorphmagus ability is very special and also very dangerous. Because of that, wizards with this ability are required to register to the Ministry of Magic. The ministry follows and watches those wizards to keep everyone safe.

Metamorphmagus in the Wizarding World

Nymphadora Tonks, one of the most successful Metamorphmagus, used her abilities during the most of the Series. Especially, during the Second Wizarding Wars, she used her abilities to infiltrate into Ministry of Magic and changed the shape of the war.

Metamorphmagus abilities can show up unintentionally under emotional pressure or stress. Unintentionally change of wizards’ hair color under this circumstances is very common.

Known Metamorphmagus Wizards


  • Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix (Kitap)
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