Love Potion

Love potions are very common in wizarding world, even some types of love potions can be bought on wizard stores. It causes drinker fell in love with giver of the potion. First types of love potions were created in the 1800s.


Love potion causes drinker to gets under influence of giver of the potion. Drinker feels irresistible attraction to giver. All of the love potions are very strong and also very dangerous. The strongest love potion is called Amortentia.

Brewing and using love potions are forbidden in Hogwarts but despite this rule, students are brewing love potions time to time. First love potion of history brewed by Lavene de Montmorency in 1800s and Montmorency continued to produce various love potions for years. With Montmorency, Fred Weasley and Georger Weasley are brewed their love potions too.

Love potions are usually using by putting potion in target’s food or drink without noticing him or her.


  • Drinker falls in love with giver of potion.

Side Effects

  • Drinker won’t forget he or she was under influence of the potion.

Used By

  • Molly Weasley
  • Rita Skeeter
  • Viktor Krum
  • Romilda Vane
  • Merope Gaunt

Where it Mentioned?

  • Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets (First Time – Book and Movie)
  • Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban (Book and Movie)
  • Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire (Book and Movie)
  • Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince (Book and Movie)
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