One of the most important wandmakers of the World, Ollivanders, not only the choose of Hogwarts wizards, but also has customers all around the Europe.


Starting with the Harry Potter, Ollivanders is the shop that every single wizard in England, had bought their wands. It is located in Diagon Alley and it is one of the most important places of the Diagon Alley. Especially, the Ollivander family’s tradition on wandmaking makes them the best of the world.


Ollivander family started their wandmaking business in 382 B.C. Starting from the family of Garrick Ollivander, wandmaking continued from generation to generation.

Ollivander family’s every member continued their family business and added something from themselves to wandmaking techniques. Starting from ancient wizards to new wizards, almost every single wizard of the England prefers Ollivanders for their wands.


Ollivanders’ main shop is located in Diagon Alley. It has many boxes and wands in the shop and Garrick Ollivander is responsible for selecting the wands for new wizards. It has very wide variety of wands, cores and woods that are suitable for every wizard.

The shop that operating by Garrick Ollivander has a branch in Hogsmeade. Harry Potter and his friends bought their wands in Ollivanders at Diagon Alley.

Ollivanders After the War

Ollivanders was closed during Second Wizarding War, after the kidnap of Garrick Ollivander. It is unknown if it reopened after the war.

Ollivanders’ Effects to The Wizarding World

Ollivanders is known as the most successful wandmaker of all the times. Because of that fame, it is the first choice of wizards in England and all around the globe. Ollivanders has a big effect on the wizarding world.

İngiltere’deki ve Hogwarts’taki tüm büyücülerin asalarını bu dükkandan aldıkları biliniyor. Bunun dışında, özellikle Orta Avrupa başta olmak üzere, Avrupa’nın pek çok bölgesinden büyücülerin de Ollivanders’a geldikleri bilinmekte.

Special Notes

  • Garrick Ollivander claims, Ollivanders arrived England with Romans in 382 B.C. But the Romans came to England after the year of 43.


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