The Hufflepuff house which is famous with friendly, hardworking and loyal members, is the house of most successful wizards in wizarding history.


The Hufflepuff house founded by Helga Hufflepuff. It is the most hardworking, dedicated and loyal among other three houses in Hogwarts. Hufflepuff house known as most effective house along with Gryffindor in Hogwarts History, because of its hardworking and successful members.

Hufflepuff house has a coat of arms with yellow and black colors and a badger. House takes the colors from its element, earth. Head mistress of Hufflepuff house Pomona Sprout especially known with bringing interesting and rare objects to their common room. This makes Hufflepuff common room a place which very wondered by other house students.


The most hard working and devoted students among all houses are in Hufflepuff. Loyal, friendly, trustworthy and fair Hufflepuff members don’t like competition much. 

Like professor of Herbology Pomona Sprout, Hufflepuff wizards are talented in this area too. It thought it is connected with the houses’ element, earth. 

Hufflepuff members have strong code of moral. They know what is wrong and right and use those traits in every moment of their lives. With all those positive traits, Hufflepuff students are very friendly and accept everyone, treat everybody equally. 

Hufflepuff known as not joining many competitions against other houses and they only have Quidditch team. Hufflepuff house allied with Gryffindor in the Triwizard Tournament which they joined mandatorily. Because of that alliance, both Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff house became champions of the tournament.


As Minerva McGonagall mentioned many times before, Hufflepuff is the house of strongest wizards of wizarding history. But with the policy of acceptance that used by Helga Hufflepuff, the house accepted everyone that apply and because of that, it thought Hufflepuff is weakest house, mistakenly.

But the exact opposite of this, because of Hufflepuff’s industriousness traits, Hufflepuff members become the most powerful and important wizards of wizarding history and take positions in many layers of Ministry of Magic. As a characteristic of house, they are humble and they don’t want to speak about their accomplishments.

Hufflepuff also known as the house with less dark wizards. With its friendly and funny environment, it prevents students to move dark side of wizarding world.

Hufflepuff also actively fought against Lord Voldemort in Battle of Hogwarts.

Ghost of Hufflepuff House

The most loved ghost among students, Fat Friar is the ghost of Hufflepuff house. Fat Friar is a very funny character and he is loved instead of being scared by students.

Notable Hufflepuff Members

Special Notes

  • J.K Rowling’s favourite house is Hufflepuff.
  • Hufflepuff’s mascot was bear in early drafts of Harry Potter.
  • Hufflepuff common room is the only room that Harry Potter didn’t enter during his Hogwarts years.


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