How to Play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The most anticipated mobile game of the year Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery offers you to create unique avatar and step into a different world.

Hogwarts Mystery

The most anticipated mobile game of the year Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery finally released. It released for all mobile devices at same time and took the spotlight. It offers freedom to players and there are no boundaries for players. You can find anything you wonder about the game which brings the experience of Hogwarts adventurous atmosphere to players in this guide.

Before you start the game, you can read the detailed review of the game by clicking link below.

How to Download?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery released for both iOS and Android at same time. For iOS, you can download it from App Store, for Android, you can download it from Google Playstore. It can be played with all devices with updated operating system.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a well updated game that can be work smoothly on the devices with average requirements. You can click link below and learn how to download the game.

Starting the Game

The game starts with a character that you create. You are free to choose your character’s clothes, face, hair and even the lips. It also allows you to choose the name of your character at the beginning of the game.

The game wants you to choose the gender of your character first. There are two options, Witch or Wizard. You start the game by choosing the gender of your character and after you start to customize it.

HP Hogwarts Mystery Character Choice
Choosing the Gender

After gender choose, you create your character’s hair and face shape. It is also possible to choose your character’s clothes in same page too. There are some clothing and hair style options which are locked in early levels. That limits your options a bit for a while.

First Quests

When you first start the game, game wants you to complete story line first. As the story brings you, you meet with Rowan Khanna for the first time. Rowan leads your character into the story and teaches the game.

The box which you choose your character’s name appears after Rowan asks your character’s name.

First Character You Met: Rowan

After you complete the first task by speaking with Rowan, game wants you to visit book store, as the first place you visit in the game. It requires to learn some basics about wizarding and levelling up your character’s Knowledge traits. You start the game by learning about Creatures, Spells and wizarding history.

Right after the book store, Rowan leads you to Ollivander for choosing your wand. Rowan teaches the player about the basics of the game with dialogues.

After the player took the wand, your character starts quests at Hogwarts.

First Quests at Hogwarts

As it’s same in Harry Potter series, you choose your house when you take your first steps into Hogwarts. Your character joins the first year ceremony and player chooses the house that he or she wants. After choosing the house, player starts the missions at Hogwarts.

Game determines the traits of each house. There is a belief about there are some effects of the house on the character and that leads your character to different paths. Because of that, it is important to choose right house for your character for best game experience. If you are not certain about the houses, click link below to learn about traits of each house in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

After you choose your house, you choose which lesson you want to attend first, spell class or potion making class. You learn the basic spells and potions in these classes.

The first spell you learn in spell lesson is “Lumos“. In those lessons that thought by Professor Flitwick, you learn mandatory spells for your character’s level up and progress among the story.

It required to use “energy” in the game for every activity including lessons, practising things and helping other characters. To pass classes, it’s required to get five stars that you obtain by using energy. It is also required to use energy to get stars in potion classes and other activities in every part of the game.

Graduating From Classes

It is required to complete some classes, learn potions, spells and complete some other activities to pass next years and advance through the game. For instance, to graduate from first year, player needs to learn 4 potions, 7 spells and complete 3 flying lessons.

The game leads you to mandatory classes in first school year for helping players to learn game and progress. The player also gains rewards like gems and golds by completing activities.

First year requirements
Missions that required to complete for the first year

Potion Class

As it is same in the series, Professor Snape is the teacher of potion making in the game too. It is same with spell class, player uses the energy to advance in the lessons. To complete classes, player needs to reach five stars. It is possible to use potions and re-creating those in duels.

When you create a potion that you learn before, you get experience for your character.

The game brings some dialogues with different options as it’s same in classes and other adventures. The answers of those dialogues determines the point of your house in the end of the year and it affects directly to your character’s development.

An Adventure to Depths of Hogwarts

After you complete basic quests with the lead of the game, and completing potion and spell classes, your character gets into many different challenges. You advance upon those challenges with using spells that you learned in lessons. These adventures create most of the gameplay in future of the game.

Your character starts its first challenge after learning a spell and a potion. Character goes the depths of the Hogwarts with its first friend Rowan. As it’s same in the classes, challenges affects the advance of your character and traits, also the house you belong to. You can manage your character’s traits as however you want.

Every single challenge you faced in the game gives experience point, gold or gem to your character. It is required to use energy to complete those adventures like classes, character completes the challenge by reaching five stars.

HP: Hogwarts Mystery Challenges
A scene from first year’s adventures

Levelling Up

Everything in the game connected with your character’s level. As your character level up, it can learn new spells, get into new challenges with those spells and advance through classes in Hogwarts.

The most important thing for levelling up fast is following the storyline. You can just follow to storyline in your first year at Hogwarts to advance easily. After the first year, you can move more freely and choose classes you want to attend that leads you create unique traits for your character in the game.

Every time your character levels up, you get gold or gems. Also the three traits of your character levels up too.

Your Character Becomes More Unique With Each Level

With every level of your character, more customization options appear. The limited clothing and hair style options grows and allows player to create more unique characters. With clothing and hair styles, some face shapes and other customization options appears too.

Character Customization Options
Character customization screen

You need to spend gems or golds to buy new clothes or hair styles for your characters. It isn’t possible to obtain new customization options just by levelling up.

Interaction with Other Characters

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a role playing game and that requires players to get into much more dialogues with other characters if it compared to other games. There are plenty options about helping, communicating or playing games with other characters in the game.

You can be closer friends with your favourite character or you can annoy the characters you dislike. Because of the first year of game is more like an introduction and tutorial, game leads you to right chooses in those dialogues.


It is possible to duel against other characters in game. Duels are turn based in the game. Player needs to select one of the three options in duels.

  • Sneaky: Allows your character to attack opponent in a sneaky way. It makes less obvious your character’s movement.
  • Aggressive: It attacks to your opponent aggressively. You need to select this option to attack your enemy.
  • Defensive: Your character takes defensive state against your opponent’s move.

Knowing your opponent’s movement is impossible. That makes duels very interesting in the game. If your character’s magical abilities are strong you can win the battle.

It is possible to select which spell you are going to use in the duels. You can choose any spell you learned before and traits of your character affects the effectiveness of your spells. If you select a spell which similar with your character’s traits, it becomes more powerful.

The duels end when the stamina of duellers hits zero. The first one who hits zero loses the duel. And the winner gets experience point and gold.

The spells that your character knows makes your character more powerful. Because of that, it isn’t recommended to start duelling before learning enough spells.

End of the Year

You need to complete storyline to graduate from the first year at Hogwarts, and it is same for every year.

Your answers in dialogues, helps to other students and dialogues with the teachers affects points of your character and your house at the end of the year. Also the lessons you attend, grades you get improves your house points. The house with most points at the end of the year gets the trophy along with many other awards. But anyway, you can get some rewards even you are not in the first place.

End Year Points
End year points

When the year ends, your characters steps into adventures of the next year. Because there are many missions and plenty of spells to learn, players can enjoy Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for long time.

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  1. It would be nice if I could log out of the account a friend had made on my phone.

    Oh wait I can’t.

  2. As someone who loves the Harry Potter movies, I really enjoy this game. The only downside is how long it takes for the energy to restore itself. If they were to make the waiting time a bit shorter for energy, I would like it a lot more. For now, I’ll just have to wait and take this game slow. I have no problem with that because that means the game won’t end as soon as it would’ve.

  3. The game is okay. Kind of boring with the clicking-its not too interactive. For example, potions would be much more interesting if I were click-dragging certain ingredients into the cauldron or puzzles to solve or find information rather than waiting 3 hours for whats-her-name to meet you somewhere to tell you something… instead I just click on myself, a classmate, books, or the teacher numerous times and that’s it. For every class. I just started, so I hope it gets more interesting over time. It’s just not very interactive.

    The wait is terrible. 4 minutes to get 1 energy… I get maybe 5 minutes of play in because EVERYTHING takes energy- classes, talking, etc so it’s not like I can go talk to people or solve a puzzle while waiting for my energy to grow. I know the wait is typical for mobile games, but it’s kind of rediculous.

    Not much for personalization. Any thing other than the freebee costs a lot of money. It says unique avatar, but the options are pretty limited unless you want to pay for it. (I never do in app purchases).

    Honestly, it’s a free app and it shows. I would have been happy to pay for the game if it were more interactive and had some variety to it.

  4. There are a few tricks in game to get energy, but you only get one energy when you click on them.
    You can give a stick to Fang, light a lantern and click an empty portrait. That gives you three free energy. But it runs down way too quickly.

    There isn’t a lot of actual gameplay and it takes nearly 2 hours to refill your energy. The game could be great if some of the mechanics were changed, like being able to explore the grounds, find ingredients for potions, interact with the ghosts. But for now it’s kind of mediocre.

    It’s an awesome concept, but it wasn’t executed very well. And don’t even bother trying to customise your outfit because it’s 3000 coins or 100 gems for a lot of the clothing items.

    With a few alterations it could be good, but it’s not there yet.

  5. I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter fandom so this game literally had me on pins and needles anxiously anticipating its release. I immediately downloaded it as soon as it became available and fell in love with the story line. This being said it is a new game and has some flaws. The most glaring flaw is of course the energy system. You use energy for everything minus the great hall chats and the duels (for the most part). While you do occasionally get an increase to your energy bar by completing certain tasks or missions it is unfortunately really easy to run out of energy within 5 minutes of play time. This has been curbed a bit by hiding the energy on the various floors but alas they are only available about every 8 hours and they only give you 1 energy. The second is that while it does allow you to pick your house it truly missed out on that sorting experience. Even if it was a 5 question quiz that air of mystery and wondering if you would get “your house” or another one would have been quite exciting. Thirdly, the interaction would again have been a super fun area to just let your imagination go. Especially in potions and picking the correct ingredients or using a mortar and pestle. I love the game still though and am super pumped to see how it ends. Overall I’d give it a 4 out of 5 just because it’s an awesome concept, a well planned storyline and it has only minor flaws. Although I would say as a Slytherin it would have been much better if Merula would have been in a different house (like Gryffindor possibly). After all not all Slytherin are bad people.

    • “The second is that while it does allow you to pick your house it truly missed out on that sorting experience. Even if it was a 5 question quiz that air of mystery and wondering if you would get “your house” or another one would have been quite exciting.”

      That sounds good 🙂 I would expect that to happen.

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