Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Deep-dive Review

The most anticipated game of 2018, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery finally released and looks like it has a potential for became addictive.

Hogwarts Mystery

The most anticipated mobile game of 2018, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery finally ready to for download. The game that gives the chance of becoming any character that player want offers an endless adventure. If you want to join that adventure without losing any time, you can click link below and learn how to download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

When you start the game, you have two options that determine your character’s gender. After that you can choose your character’s appearance starting from clothing to face shape. But those options are little narrow at the starting of the game and you unlock more options with advancing into the game.


The game crated on the universe that created by J.K Rowling. It has pretty rich story and has many marks of famous Harry Potter characters.

Game reflects all the richness of Harry Potter universe. With all those quests that leads players into adventures in Hogwart’s secret passages, new spells or potions offers exciting and entertaining time to players.

Starting the Game

Players starts the game in their first year at Hogwarts. With a few simple quests, game teaches basics to player within no time. After completing those missions, players start to meet new characters and teachers in the game. Naturally, the game is very detailed and hides many hints inside of it. Click link below and read our guide of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery to learn how to play the game with every single detail.

You can choose the house you want to attend in the game. It is not certain if the house traits have any effects on your character but many people think it has some. If you want to make sure about it and choose the right house for your character, you can read our house choosing guide by clicking link below.

After you choose your house, the most fascinating part of the game starts.

Lessons, Spells and Potions

The most interesting part of the game starts after choosing your character’s house. After this step, you start to lead your character to path you desire.

In your first year at Hogwarts, game wants to you discover Hogwarts, as Golden Trio did in the series. Meanwhile, your character attends the classrooms which gives experience point and other rewards by completing. Also those quests are levelling up your character’s traits.

Hogwarts Mystery Class Completed
The reward of completed lesson

The game shows basics of the classrooms at the first year. Starting from potion making classes to flight lessons, you can see and attend many parts of the game even in your first year. With completing those classes, you get experience point and level up your character.

Number of the places that you can enter in Hogwarts grows with your character’s level. In those newly appeared places, players can continue their quests and advance in the game.

To complete tasks and other activities in the game, players needs to spend energy. There is a 20 energy capacity at the starting of the game. Players spends energy with each activity in different numbers and this limited resource renews by one in every five minutes.

Enegy, gold and gems

Characters can advance in the game by completing classes and other activities. With every successful activity, players earn gold and gems along with experience points and can use those currencies to buy some new items or customizations for their characters.

Players needs to attend required number of the classes and complete those to advance next year in the game.

Your Character is Connected with Your House

As it is same in Harry Potter series, your character is connected with your house in the game too. Your house’s end year points are connected with the chooses you made while interacting other characters, the classes you attend and your success in the game. You can earn extra credit towards your house with helping other students or lose with annoying teachers.

End Year Points
House points at the end of the year

At the end of every year, there are some rewards including gold and gems for every house. The winner gets 200 gems which is premium currency of the game.

You Can Shape Your Character As You Wish

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery gives full independence to players for developing their character’s traits. Characters have three main traits. Those traits can be improved by joining adventures, completing quests or classes. Also you can do some missions outside of the main storyline to improve those traits. Players are free to select what they want to work on.

Here Are The Traits of The Characters

  • Courage
  • Empathy
  • Knowledge

In-App Purchases

There are some in-app purchases as it is very common among all other mobile games. But it is possible to advance in the game without spending any money. The premium currency of the game only allows players to advance faster. Any free user can reach same places as premium currency users just with a little more time. The premium currency called gems are for gaining more energy by spending it.

Players can earn gems by completing some quests in the game. But it is limited and not advantageous as buying it in the packs with real money.

Hogwarts Mystery Offers Everlasting Gaming Experience

Even after you reach seventh grade in the game, there are plenty things to do. You can continue to advance your character, learn spells and duelling against other characters.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has a potential like role playing games on desktop platforms. Even some of the critics says the game has potentially addictive.

The performance optimizations of the game praised by critics too. With moderate device hardware and updated software, users can play the game smoothly.

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