What is Gold, Gem and Energy and How To Earn?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game based on three basis; Gem, Gold and Energy. Those basis that allows you advance in game are in this guide with all details.

Hogwarts Mystery

Even Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game is fully free to play, it has some in app purchases to speed up your character’s progress. Those in app purchases doesn’t have any direct effect on the game but it provides faster development and most importantly tops up your energy levels which is necessary for every activity in the game.

Energy, Gem and Gold Panel

The most fun and addictive mobile game of the year, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has many different details and tips. If you are new in the game and want to learn every tip before start, click link below to read detailed guide of the game.

What is Energy?

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game, the name of the currency that you need for leveling up your character, completing classes even participate to duels is energy.

When you start the game for the first time, you have 20 energy limit. At starting of the game, you start the game with 20/20, full energy. But, this energy decreases with every class you join or any activity you do. You have to spend different amounts of energy with every activity you did in the game.

Your character’s development is directly connected with your character’s energy. If your energy hits zero, you didn’t have any chance to complete any activity in the game.

Your energy replenish by itself in the game. Even if the game isn’t open on your device, that replenish continues and your energy grows, but when it hit to top, 20, it will not top up and stops. It takes 1 hour 40 minutes from zero energy to 20.

How to Gain Energy?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a game that based on your energy. But to provide non boring gaming experience to players, game has many different options for gaining energy.

Click here or link below to learn all free energy locations in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

First of all, you can gain one energy for every five minutes. You didn’t have to do anything to gain that energy. Even if your device is turned of, you continue to gain energy always.

If you are in a rush or you don’t want to wait for that time, there is an option for you too. On the menu that is on the top right of your screen, you can buy gems with money and use those for fulling your energy bar. Also you can increase the top limit of your energy level by using gems.

As the third option, you can complete some missions or quests in the game to gain energy. Even it is also necessary to spend energy to complete those missions, when you complete those missions, you also gain energy.

With all those options, you can earn some energy prizes in different places in the game. You can gain energy by clicking energy icons on your screen, randomly.

What is Gem and How to Earn it?

The currency that can be earned by in app purchases with real money called gems in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Gems can be earned in game with completing some specific activities, also players can buy it by money.

Gems have different packages and different prices. You can reach the menu that you can buy gems by clicking gem icon on top right screen. The game sells gems with discounted price for first time players as starting booster package.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Gems
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Gems

If you don’t want to spend money for gems, you can earn those by completing some activities in game. For example, when you complete some spell classes or other activities, you can earn gems along with experience points and golds. Also you can earn gem when your character levels up to specific levels. There is no any other method that you can earn gems without those.

What is Gold and What it Does?

Gold is the free and base currency of the game and it can be used for many purchases in game. First of all, you can buy customization options with gold that become available when your character levels up.

You can easily earn gold with completing quests and classes, advancing in the game. If you complete quests or other challenges in the game you can earn gold as a prize of those quests.

Along with those methods, if you want to speed up your progress in the game, you can get golds by spending gems or you can buy with in app purchases.

Fastest Way to Earn Gold

The fastest way to earn gold in the game is completing the quests and progressing in game. But if you are bored with quests and if you want to do something different, there is an alternative which is funny and exciting.

The adventures called Challenge gives experience point and gold as a prize of completion. You can join challenges and spend some energy with some time to earn gold. Challenge actives are available after a specific level and to complete those, you need decent amount of spell knowledge. After you level up your character with learning enough spells in classrooms, you can join challenges and earn gold.

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  1. Already on year two, loving this game (albeit the energy system is kind of annoying) it’s going great. Only problem is the only real antagonists seem to be in Sytherin, it would be interesting to have an enemy in another house.

  2. I’ve got a problem with my prefect. I’ve made 200+ points for my house and she’s still judgmental when I lose a few. SHES NOT EVEN ON THE LEADERBOARD meaning she’s lost more than 12 points. What kind of prefect even is she

  3. The feeling of getting 100 gems “for being a part of the launch” and then losing it all after spending them all on learning how to trim a broom tail…..

  4. I’m playing on android and iPad, in general I can’t afford to be buying gems for the game so it’s really frustrating the fact I can’t buy gems and that energy takes so long to come. I often run out of energy in the middle of a class and I hate it

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