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Critiques and Suggestions of Harry Potter Fans About Hogwarts Mystery

We curated critiques and suggestions of Harry Potter fans for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery that, released on 25 April.

Hogwarts Mystery Game

This year’s most anticipated mobile game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery became a disappointment with its poor content and lack of freedom in game. Right after it has released, it came under fire because of user’s disappointments about the game.

The game criticized because it is forcing users to follow the scenario that created by producer and not giving full experience of rich Harry Potter world. With all those negative points, users need to spend energy for every activity in game. That makes Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery a big disappointment.

Even everything was under desire of game producer, even a few years ago, using the power of social media is able to change everything. As we saw before at the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game, organized gamers forced EA Games to reshape the game.

Before the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2’s release, users were promised with a very different game. But after it has released, users saw everything in the game was based on micro transactions. After that, users organized and reacted against EA Games and had stepped back the producer, that resulted micro transactions were removed from the game.

Potterheads were promised by rich universe, free and open world but they faced with limited dialogues, limited spells, and most importantly frustrating energy system.

But there is still a hope for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. If Harry Potter fans can organize, everything can change in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and augmented reality game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite which will soon be published.

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We will write about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery in two main topics; why inadequate and how could it be better?

Why Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is Inadequate?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is considered by players as an inadequate game. The problems that start from the beginning of the game already tuckered many players.

Players commented in many platforms about why Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an inadequate game, but it is not enough. Players must be organized and react together for a better game.

Wrong: The Game is Announced as a RPG

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery announced as a RPG, Role Playing Game. As we all know, players can create their own characters, can choose their paths and create their own in game destiny, in RPG games.

Even the game starts as a RPG, choices that you can made are limited by a few options, and all of this options are forcing players to continue on a limited, pre-determined scenario. In this point of view, Harry Potter: Hogwarts mystery is a visual novel, not a RPG game.

Wrong: The Game is Announced as Open World

In advertisement and other promotions, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery announced as open world game. Players were promised with a game that they can walk as whatever they want, discover every single room of Hogwarts.

But in the real game, users are limited with a few classes and a story only in corridors. Even it is not an open world game, classes and other rooms in the game are limited too.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Walk in Hogwarts Corridors

Wrong: Players are Forced to Interact with Specific Characters

Even starting from the beginning of the game, players are forced to interact with specific characters. You are forced to talk with a character called Rowan as the first thing in the game.

Meet with Rowan in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

This part can be considered as a tutorial but even if you advance in the game, you are still forced to interact with specific characters. In mid games, you can select your friends but you are forced to choose specific path that determined by producers.

Lacking: Options are Limited in Interactions

The most important part of an RPG game is choices of dialogues, and those are very limited in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. You have only four choices and they all leads to same path. This hinders users to choose their paths freely.

For instance, the lack of options in Olivanders while you are choosing your wand, the forced interactions with Merula are good examples of this situation.

Ollivander in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Lacking: Story is Not Deep Enough

Harry Potter universe contains thousands of different characters but in the game, the world is very shallow and limited. Even starting from the game, lack of dialogues disturbs players.

For example, in the beginning of the game, Rowan telling she is not into wand making business because she is not strong enough. But there is nothing wrong with her story and she is perfectly powerful for making wands.

Lacking: Contradictions in Story

Stories of many characters are not present in the game. Even there is no information for how they start Hogwarts. Traits of some characters are opposite with their houses in the game.

Also, in the game, helpful characters like Madam Hooch are almost hopeless and angry as Snape. This creates an atmosphere of universe in fan fiction instead of real Harry Potter world.

Madam Hooch in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Wrong: Game Ends in Three Years

The game’s biggest mistake is three years of Hogwarts experience instead of seven years of Hogwarts experience as the game advertised. This drives many people crazy. Players are only able to play three years of game instead of seven, like an incomplete game.

Lacking: Language Support

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’s language support is lacking. The game is only in English. Even many Potterheads around the world sending messages to developers about language support. But even with language support, game will be still lacking.

Biggest Mistake: Energy and Micro Transactions

You need to spend energy with every step in the game. Even in breaks in classes players are forced to spend energy.

Waiting time for gaining energy is too long. This limits player’s advancing in the game. Game forces someone who wants to advance in the game to pay for gems. Gaining fast energy is paid, customizing your character is paid, and almost everything in the game is paid. This mistake is similar with Star Wars Battlefront 2. If players can create an audience like Star Wars fans did, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery can be better in the future.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Buy Energy

What Else is Lacking?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’s future is in your hands. As we saw before many times, organized gamers can change the future of the game and create a game like exactly they want.

Don’t forget, with every single comment you can help the future of the game. Please share the lacks of the game and we can organize with Potterheads and reach to developers.

How Could Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Be Better?

Many of players giving their suggestions about the game. But we need to organize to reach developers of the game. We curated suggestions of players in this page.

Must be Improved: Scenario

Harry Potter universe is different. It is detailed as much as real world and players expect very detailed scenario in the game as in the series and novels. Also, there must be more RPG in the game.

Players agree about lack of scenario in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Must be Improved: Dialogues and Characters

Players need more characters and rich background stories. The discrepancy of character background stories is disturbing the players.

Players ask developers for more dialogues. With rich dialogues players can feel themselves in a rich atmosphere.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Dialogs

Must be Improved: Game Must Be Completed

The game must offer a seven year Hogwarts experience, as described. Players ask for a full seven years of Hogwarts experience.

Must be Improved: Language Support

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has many players around the world and some of those players needs dictionaries to understand the game. Dialogues of the game are the base of the game. So the game needs more language support.

Must be Improved: Energy System and Micro Transactions

Like every game, developers need micro transactions to earn money. But it doesn’t need to block players in game. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a disease of micro transactions. Many options including your avatar’s customization force you to pay. This thing must be improved.

The energy system putting of the players. The waiting times must be adjusted or the energy system must be redesigned.

How Can We Act?

As we organized against EA Games, we can organize for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery against Jam City.

You can comment and add your suggestions or critiques about to game as a comment, under this post. So you can shape the future of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards Unite both.

Wizards Unite is Next: Players Doesn’t Want a Second Pokemon GO

Potterheads are dreaming augmented reality supported Harry Potter game for a long time and this game is so close.

But, players are very concerned about it because of the fiasco of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Pokemon GO.

First of all, people want a clean Wizards Unite game. Pokemon GO was fiasco because of cheaters and other exploiters. Also despite Pokemon GO, people want Wizards Unite to be published as a full game, or the hype of the game decreases very fast along with players.

Don’t forget, it is easier to shape a game which isn’t published yet if you compare it to published ones. Because of this, please share your ideas and comments about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards Unite both.

Lastly, to reach Portkey Games, Jam City and Niantic and stop the mistakes before they happen in Wizards Unite, request updates for mistakes in Hogwarts Mystery, we started a campaign. You can support us with joining this petition and sharing it on your social media accounts and shape the future Harry Potter games.

Don’t forget to share your critiques and suggestions with using the comment form below. Thank you all!

Some Critiques and Suggestions of Harry Potter Fans

Ebony U.

There are a few tricks in game to get energy, but you only get one energy when you click on them.
You can give a stick to Fang, light a lantern and click an empty portrait. That gives you three free energy. But it runs down way too quickly. There isn’t a lot of actual gameplay and it takes nearly 2 hours to refill your energy.

The game could be great if some of the mechanics were changed, like being able to explore the grounds, find ingredients for potions, interact with the ghosts. But for now it’s kind of mediocre. It’s an awesome concept, but it wasn’t executed very well. And don’t even bother trying to customise your outfit because it’s 3000 coins or 100 gems for a lot of the clothing items.

With a few alterations it could be good, but it’s not there yet.

Luna L.

The game is okay. Kind of boring with the clicking-its not too interactive. For example, potions would be much more interesting if I were click-dragging certain ingredients into the cauldron or puzzles to solve or find information rather than waiting 3 hours for whats-her-name to meet you somewhere to tell you something… instead I just click on myself, a classmate, books, or the teacher numerous times and that’s it. For every class. I just started, so I hope it gets more interesting over time. It’s just not very interactive.

The wait is terrible. 4 minutes to get 1 energy… I get maybe 5 minutes of play in because EVERYTHING takes energy- classes, talking, etc so it’s not like I can go talk to people or solve a puzzle while waiting for my energy to grow. I know the wait is typical for mobile games, but it’s kind of rediculous.

Not much for personalization. Any thing other than the freebee costs a lot of money. It says unique avatar, but the options are pretty limited unless you want to pay for it. (I never do in app purchases).

Honestly, it’s a free app and it shows. I would have been happy to pay for the game if it were more interactive and had some variety to it.

Tiffanny S.

As someone who loves the Harry Potter movies, I really enjoy this game. The only downside is how long it takes for the energy to restore itself. If they were to make the waiting time a bit shorter for energy, I would like it a lot more. For now, I’ll just have to wait and take this game slow. I have no problem with that because that means the game won’t end as soon as it would’ve.

Britt J.

As a Harry Potter Fan. This is a good game. The Down fall is how long you have to wait for the Energy. There isn’t much game play as I wish. I still enjoy playing it. But we could do more in the game. When I first got this game I spent hours playing it. But 4 mins for you to get one Energy take a while when your doing piston. I don’t think you should use energy to talk to people.

Kayla D. B.

I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter fandom so this game literally had me on pins and needles anxiously anticipating its release. I immediately downloaded it as soon as it became available and fell in love with the story line. This being said it is a new game and has some flaws. The most glaring flaw is of course the energy system. You use energy for everything minus the great hall chats and the duels (for the most part). While you do occasionally get an increase to your energy bar by completing certain tasks or missions it is unfortunately really easy to run out of energy within 5 minutes of play time. This has been curbed a bit by hiding the energy on the various floors but alas they are only available about every 8 hours and they only give you 1 energy.

The second is that while it does allow you to pick your house it truly missed out on that sorting experience. Even if it was a 5 question quiz that air of mystery and wondering if you would get “your house” or another one would have been quite exciting.

Thirdly, the interaction would again have been a super fun area to just let your imagination go. Especially in potions and picking the correct ingredients or using a mortar and pestle. I love the game still though and am super pumped to see how it ends.

Overall I’d give it a 4 out of 5 just because it’s an awesome concept, a well planned storyline and it has only minor flaws. Although I would say as a Slytherin it would have been much better if Merula would have been in a different house (like Gryffindor possibly). After all not all Slytherin are bad people.

Michael Shaner

Written by Michael Shaner

Hi, geeks! I am Michael Shaner and I am potterhead like you. Follow me for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery rumors, news, tutorials, tips and tricks.


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  1. I love this game. Although it’s frustrating when you lose energy so fast and have to wait like an hour to regain it. I feel like they should let us learn the charms/potions etc. without having to use energy points

  2. I think if you got energy every 2 min instead of 4, it would be way better. Other then that,I like it

  3. I hate that you have to do classes 2x. Like learn the spell and use all your energy and THEN the class is unlocked

  4. I was hoping for more of a “the room” type game or the type created by Artifex Mundi or Big Fish. It is a fun game so far but it will take forever to complete since energy takes so long to recharge. And I’m afraid that I won’t complete much past year one since it does take so long. Like I literally have to set a timer for 1hr & 45 min. To be reminded to keep playing the game once my energy is re-loaded. This will get old fast, I know because I’ve given up on games similar to this type after awhile.

  5. I’d happily have paid for this game if that would make it more interactive. I hoped for a game that actually requires a little bit of thought rather than mindlessly tapping items that have a blue outline.

    Here are some things I thought would improve the game:
    Flying lessons: actually learn fly the broom with controls and adjust balance etc. Maybe even play a Quidditch match!

    Charms: perfect the wand movement, pronounce the spell correctly via the mic, see the effects of the spell.

    Potions: follow a recipe, one that you can deviate from and get wrong which will have a few different outcomes.

    Energy: I completely understand making the energy bar less than the required energy to complete the activity to encourage in app purchasing. However, people like me will never purchase in-app, so I think a 1-2 min wait would be sufficient for the people who are more willing to purchase in-app. The result is I put the game down and forget about it for the rest of the day meaning I have to start the activity from scratch.

    I’m only on level 6 or so, maybe this is all to come. However it’s too boring and mindless to continue and find out..

  6. Im sick of people whining over this game and only focusing on the lack of energy as their main solid argument.

    What you also need to take into consideration about the lack of content is that it’s only been released a few weeks, not enough time for the DEV’S to start on some new content, code it, impliment it and hope it has some smooth sailing. New content could take a few more months depending on what they’re working on.

    Actually enjoy the game instead of bashing it left right and center. Inbetween waiting for energy, do something and get the free energy every few hours from the halls. It only takes roughly 1 hour and a half to get 28 energy. You could squeeze a film in that, or do some homework or go out and come back, idk im not running your lives for you….

    I think the game so far is great, but the community is letting it down heavily by complaining about it all the damn time.

  7. I hate the fact that I got 1 and a half stars before I ran out of energy, went off the game and when I returned it took me back to the first star point so I lost out on half a stars energy! It should pick up where you left off, not go back to the last star point

  8. Once you finish a task, they should compensate your energy usage with a percentage of energy in return; all dependent upon which duration of time you selected to train for your spells, charms, etc. Like if I selected the 3hr training option and I completed it, I should receive 5 energy in return. If I select the 8hr training option I should receive 10 energies in return for completion.

  9. I really was expecting more interactive game. It’s kinda boring and you loose your energy way too fast. And than you have to wait for 2 hours so you can play for 5 minuts? Seriously? At least they could give us some stuff to do to earn energy. And avatar…hhmmm…not really what I was expecting. Of course we have to pay for everything. Why? It’s a game for 5 year olds not the grownups. I downloaded it because I love everything about Harry Potter and was hoping to be exciting and fun game. It’s neither fun or exciting. I do hope they will improve it.

  10. Energy is the biggest issue with this game. I couldn’t complete certain timed challenges due to needing energy and not wanting to wait 2 hours to get it.

    Sorting is an issue too. My character is in Slytherin but I didn’t get to pick her personality or her friends. It also doesn’t gel with the story I am being forced to tell. As a Slytherin, Snape would not be taking points off my character- no matter how annoying he found me. If you want to tell the story a different way don’t allow me to pick my house.

    Limited interactions are disappointing too but the graphics are great and it has potential. I can’t play it the way it currently is though as I find it too frustrating.

  11. There’s also the point in second year where Rowan’s in the hospital wing and asks you to go to lessons so you don’t fall behind. I went to lessons, and Rowan’s there anyway.

    • Yes!
      Magical Creatures Reserve-Wolf pup thingy
      Quidditch Pitch-Snitch
      East Towers-Blank blue portrait and Peeves
      West Towers-Brown portrait with flowers
      Lower Floor-West-Unlit torch and suit of armor by the Great Hall
      Castle Grounds-Stick by the passageway you can’t turn on
      Lower Floor-East- Fallen books on the bench

  12. The biggest problem is the quick loss of energy. I hhink that there should be chances to earn more with tasks such as talking with your friends and practicing spells

  13. With the entire Potterverse to pull from, maybe it could quit asking me to answer the same questions over and over??? Energy should refill in half the time. You should be able to unlock a spell by passing a class ONCE.

  14. The lack of energy is frustrating. It just takes so long and each area takes so much energy to even unlock, then when unlocked you have to do the same class over and over again to get the right amount of stars. There isn’t any interaction with any other characters other than who they think you should interact with. You earn cash at a fast rate, but not jewels or energy which you need. I would love to make my witch look like me. As it is, I have only so many ways to do that and my witch looks nothing like me. I would love to explore the castle and earn energy by exploring and doing small tasks. I still like this game, but I don’t love it yet.

  15. There are other ways to get energy. Each floor has some things you can touch to gain energy. Granted it takes a while to be able to get them. So like the elf in the dungeons gets you one energy. The stick on the castle grounds gets you another, the books on the lower floor, the flame and statues by the great hall, the west tower has a picture by Gryffindor’a common room, and the east tower a mirror… either way the game uses up energy too much and we can’t buy it with the coins. ?.. still addicted to it

  16. I find that there is not enough time allowed for many of the side quests. With the rate that energy is used and the lenghth of time it takes to get new energy these side quests can usually not be completed. Having to buy energy or gems to complete a quest makes this very expensive, not really a ‘free’ game.

  17. I love the new Quidditch part, but the games against the other houses are just too fast. They don’t have to be extremely slow, but they’re just too much! 8 seconds to get a perfect shot? Are you kidding me?!

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