A New Free Energy Source: Peeves the Poltergeist

Jam City added a new free energy source to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. With the new update, there are eight free energy sources in game.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The most anticipated mobile game of the year released on April 25 and almost instantly downloaded by thousands of players. Potterheads around the world enjoyed the game but because of the terrible energy system, players already uninstalled the game until an update for the issue.

Potterheads around the globe raised their voice against developer Jam City and asked them to fix issues, also we organized a successful petition which you can find here. That’s right, Hogwarts Mystery is not a full game as they advertised it but with user’s suggestions and critics it can be absolutely better.

Jam City finally heard the voice of Potterheads and released a minor update about energy system. It is still not enough but now people can gain energy from one more place in the game. Even the number of free energy sources grew by one, the energy system still needs more updates.

Meet Your New Energy Dealer: Peeves the poltergeist

The ghost, Peeves the poltergeist, is a new energy source for players. It gives one free energy when player taps on it. But the game still needs more content.

The new energy source, Peeves is located in East Towers. It will only appear randomly, in an unknown time frame. Once you click it, he will disappear for a while, approximate 12-17 hours.

There are eight free energy locations including Peeves. Players can use these sources for 2-3 times in a day. But they are only giving eight energies in total and energy system is still painful.

Click here or link below to learn all free energy locations in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Jam City is Hearing Us

We started a petition for a game worthy of Harry Potter universe and send ideas and critics of players to developers. Looks like they heard us and started the job with a minor update. One simple free energy source is not enough to fix energy system. Also, there are many issues to fix in the game. You can click here and read detailed suggestions to improve the game, you can comment and share your ideas.

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