8 Ways to Get Free Energy in Hogwarts Mystery

There are some hidden energy sources in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. You can gain up to eight energies just by tapping them.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The energy system is already killing the fan of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Starting from the first moments of the game, players need to spend energy almost for everything. This limited resource killing the game experience and all the fun.

For the people who don’t want to wait or spend money, there are some free energy sources hidden in the game. By tapping those hidden sources, you can gain up to eight energies for a few times in a day.

Many of the players criticized developers about the issue and required an update on the issue. Jam City, recently released a new update and added one more free energy source. With the new update, there are eight ways for gaining free energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Empty Painting – East Towers

First free energy source is an empty painting located in East Towers, left of the Charms Classroom. You can gain one energy by tapping it.

Peeves the Poltergeist – East Towers

With the latest update, Peeves added in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery as a new free energy source. He is in East Towers, next to Divination Classroom stairs. You can gain one free energy with tapping on Peeves.

Flower Painting – West Towers

The first hidden energy source you are going to see in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the flower painting that located in West Towers. It is at the left of the Prefects’ bathroom.

Torch – Lower Floor (West)

Another free energy source in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is located in the West Lover Floor. You can gain one energy by tapping on the torch, to the right of the Great Hall.

Suit of Armor – Lower Floor (West)

The second free energy source in West Lower Floor is suit of armor. It is the middle one, to right of the Great Hall.

House Elf – Dungeons

There is a House Elf leaning against the wall in the Dungeons, front of the kitchens. Tap it and enjoy your one free energy.

Stick – Castle Grounds

There is a stick on the ground, in front of the Hagrid’s Hut. You can gain a free energy by tapping it.

Stack of Books – Lower Floor (East)

Between the Library and History of Magic classroom, there is stack of books on a bench. It is also a free energy source. You can get one energy by tapping it.

Bonus: Person with a Sled – Hogsmeade

Many players are reporting a hidden source of energy. It is not confirmed by developers and doesn’t appear for everyone. It is totally random. If you are lucky, you can find a person with a sled between two buildings in the distance. You can gain one free energy by tapping the person.

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Written by Michael Shaner

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  1. These is als care tot musical creatures reserve.the extra energy is a wolf pup. If you click on it…the pup will run away and you get 1 energy

    • Also in the forbidden forest. Tap a spiderweb on the left of the spider’s lair. Gives you one energy.

  2. There is also the snitch in the quidditch field, but that one only comes everyone once in a while. There is also the dog in the magical creatures reserve. If you tap on both of them you will get free energy.

  3. There is also a sack of coins on the ground/road in Diagon Alley, between the bookshop and the pub in front of the bank.

  4. Buy as many pets as you can for extra energy, also tapping them adds to your total even if it’s full!

  5. The snitch only appears once every 24 hours
    The boy on the sled is there top of the hill between Madame Rosemaretas tavern and the next building

  6. The globe in your the domortiy to the right side you can get one energy there but it’s a long time between each one

  7. I have also found that the golden snitch gives you free energy too in the quidditch stadium.

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