Thestrals are one of the most mysterious creatures in the wizarding world. Not everyone can see them and they considered as dangerous creatures by the Ministry of Magic.


Thestrals are a kind of magical creature which has wings on horse body and lizard-like face. According to common belief, those extremely rare creatures bring bad luck to people who seen them. Thestrals are only visible to people which witnessed death before and accepts death as a reality.

Thestrals are one of the most dangerous creatures of wizarding world, according to Ministry of Magic. Due to this danger, only well experienced and brave wizards can handle them. Adopting and owning Thestrals are illegal and breeding is strictly forbidden by the rules of Ministry of Magic.

Thestrals are not only dangerous, also they are very valuable. Hair of their tails can be used as a core in wands which contains very powerful energy. One of the Deathly Hollows, the most powerful wand ever made Elder Wand contains Thestral tail hair as core in it.

These creatures have an extremely good sense of direction. They can fly very fast, and they can smell scents even very faraway.

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