Phoenixes are immortal creatures which burns themselves into ashes and reborn from the ashes. Phoenix tears has ability to heal and also its feathers are used in wands.


A Phoenix is an intriguing bird species which has feathers glows lightly in dark and a tail similar to the peacock.

Those creatures which usually make nests on top of the mountains starts burning by itself at the end of their lifespan. After burning to the ashes, Phoenix born again from ashes and lives forever with that re-birth from ashes span.

Phoenixes’ natural habitat is Egypt, India and China. They can carry heaviest objects with any hesitation. Also, their tears have an ability to heal even heaviest wounds.

Phoenix feather contains pretty strong magical abilities. Those rare fears could be used as cores in wands. Hogwarts students Tom Riddle and Harry Potter are using wands which have a Phoenix feather as core.

When Potter was fighting against Tom Riddle and his Basilisk, Dumbledore’s Phoenix helped Harry Potter by bringing Gryffindor’s Sword to him. Also, same Phoenix healed the wounds of Potter with its tears.

Where it Mentioned?

  • Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone (First Time – Book and Movie) Harry Potter witnessed burning and re-born from ashes of Dumbledore’s Phoenix.
  • Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets (Book and Movie)
  • Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire (Book and Movie)
  • Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix (Book and Movie)
  • Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince (Book and Movie)
  • Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows 1-2 (Book and Movie)


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