House-elves, the creatures with basic magical abilities are usually used as servants by their masters in households. House-elves can set free by their masters.


House-elves are mortal magical creatures which extremely loyal and devoted to their masters. They can cast spells without using wand. They usually, seen under the command of bad wizarding families. Those creatures do whatever their masters under their command. They can only be freed if their master gives clothes to them.

House-elves are usually 60 – 90 cm long. Compared to their short height, they have pretty strong magical abilities. They can use those magical abilities for the tasks which are given by their masters. House-elves have been used for daily household jobs.

Well Known House-elves

Where it Mentioned?

  • Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets: (First Time – Movie and Book) An House Elf called Dobby visits Harry Potter and warns him. At the end of the movie, Dobby freed with the help of Harry Potter.
  • Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire (Movie and Book)
  • Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix (Movie and Book)
  • Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince (Movie and Book)
  • Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows 1-2 (Movie and Book)


  • Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix (Book – Chapter 6)
  • Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire (Book – Chapter 9)
  • Pottermore
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