Dementors are the darkest creatures of wizarding world. They feed on positive emotions of people and create great danger to any being.


As one of the most dark characters of wizarding world, Dementors feed on happiness and emotions of humans. Those creatures of dark world are about 3 meters height. Until 1996, Dementors were employed by Ministry of Magic as guardians of Azkaban. After the return of Lord Voldemort, Dementors’ employment is terminated.

While Potter helping Sirius Black to escape from Azkaban, he came across large numbers of Dementors. When Dementors were circling around Potter, he succeed to escape with the help of Patronus.

Dementors are not loyal to anyone, as their characteristic. They only work for whoever can feed them well with many people’s emotions. Dementors are playing very active role in wizarding world. While there was a breakout from Azkaban, they tasked with security and search for prisoners at Hogwarts.

Dementors follows positive thoughts to find and mark their target. It’s almost impossible to flee from them which they reanimate the worst memory of their target as punishment when they caught the target. Dementors also known for chill around while they are present.

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