Boggarts are shapeless creatures which take the shape of deepest fear of the one who looks to it. They considered as both lifeless and living creatures. They are harmless, but they cause trouble to wizards by scaring them.


Very interesting creatures Boggarts, from an unknown dimension, have no certain shapes. A Boggart has an ability to transform its shape into worst fear of one who sees it. Boggarts are classified as non-living creature by Ministry of Magic. It can be noticed by evidences like moving objects around, making different noises. They also prefer hiding dark corners when no one looking at them.

Boggarts are used in many of lessons at Hogwarts because of their similar traits with Dementors. They especially used for teaching and trying Patronus spell.

The most common spell against a Boggart is Riddikulus. Riddikulus spell which requires intense focus, changes the shape of Boggart to something ridiculous. As a result of them, fear changes into amusement and Boggarts becomes harmless.

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