Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle)

Lord Voldemort, the most scared and dangerous character of wizarding world is known with his exceptional dark magic abilities.


Lord Voldemort is the evillest character of the Harry Potter series. Lord Voldemort was very interested in dangerous creatures and spells. His full name is “Tom Marvolo Riddle” and he has aliases like “he who must not be named” and “dark lord“. Lord Voldemort was one of the Hogwarts students and he was very ambitious about dark arts.

Childhood and Family

Lord Voldemort was born on 31 December 1926. He grew up in an orphanage until he met Dumbledore.

Tom Riddle was always spending his time in his room at Wool’s Orphanage when he was a child. According to orphanage staff, he was asocial and introvert.

Tom Riddle started to show some magical abilities starting from young ages. But he was unware about his capacity because he didn’t know his parents. Riddle didn’t notice his magical abilities for a long time but he started to see signals in time. Even he was unaware about his ancestry, he started to develop magical abilities.

Tom Riddle started to talk Parseltongue in his days at the orphanage. He especially got the spotlight with showing his magical abilities at the orphanage, and eventually he met with Dumbledore, at the age of 11.

Meeting with the Dumbledore

Tom Riddle met with Dumbledore at Wool’s Orphanage at the age of 11. Dumbledore visited the orphanage after he got reports about Riddle from Mrs. Cole. Dumbledore was a teacher at Hogwarts when he first met with Tom Riddle.

After Dumbledore and Tom Riddle met at the Orphanage, he talked with him about magic. Dumbledore convinced Riddle about his wizarding abilities and after that conversation, Riddle moved to Hogwarts to start his wizarding education.

Riddle was working on spells and magic for a long time. Even he is young, he discovered his magical abilities at the young age and think about magic. After he had talked with Dumbledore, he started to practice spell with more confidence, so that helped to develop his magical abilities lot faster.

Even Dumbledore bring Riddle to Hogwarts for magical education, he was aware about his abusive thoughts about magic. He watched Tom Riddle closer because of the possible abuses of advanced magic techniques, because those abuses might be dangerous for Riddle himself and people around him.

Hogwarts Years

Tom Riddle was a student at Hogwarts Wizarding School between years 1938 – 1945. He sorted into Slytherin house at his first year at the school. He was going back to the orphanage for summer holidays.

Riddle was known as a very talented and successful student and he was successful at almost every lesson. He was a great actor along with his magical abilities and that helped him to hide his real identity and plans.

Riddle created a group with some students in his early years at Hogwarts. He especially invited weak students to group. The group was aiming to help weak and gathering them around a leader who is Tom Riddle. This group was future’s Death Eaters, the most dangerous society of the wizarding world.

Opening of the Chamber of Secrets

After he had started his education at Hogwarts, he started to search about his lineage. Tom Riddle was especially obsessed about his father. He searched every single record and document at Hogwarts to find his father but he failed and accepted he is from a Muggle father. Riddle hated Muggle wizards. After he had learned he is not a pure blood, he started to use “Lord Voldemort” alias as a reminder of his past.

Riddle found a clue about his mother in his search and found he was connected with Salazar Slytherin. Meanwhile, he discovered the Chamber of Secrets in the depths of Hogwarts. In his fifth year, he opened the Chamber of Secrets and released Salazar Slytherin’s basilisk.

Basilisk caused many deaths and causalities at Hogwarts. Lastly, the basilisk killed a student called Myrtle Warren and with this incident Ministry of Magic decided to close Hogwarts until it’s secure again. Meanwhile, Tom Riddle wrote a letter and asked for a permission to stay at Hogwarts, but it’s declined.

While Hogwarts in this crisis, Riddle framed Hagrid about deaths at the school. Tom Riddle stated Hagrid and his pet Acromantula Aragog was the reason of deaths. After a search at the school, Aragog was found by professors and Hagrid expelled from Hogwarts, Riddle awarded with a special trophy for his contributions.

Dumbledore didn’t believe Riddle but he couldn’t connect the deaths with Riddle. After Hagrid expelled, Dumbledore started to follow Riddle even more closer.


In his sixth year at the Hogwarts, Riddle affected Professor Slughorn and learned about Horcruxes. He split his soul into seven pieces and gained immortality with creating Horcruxes. He chooses the number of seven because it is the most powerful magical number.

Click link below to learn about Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes, their creations and other details:

Rise of the Dark Lord

After Riddle graduated from Hogwarts, he learned about dark arts for long years. He travelled a lot and learned every single possible knowledge about dark magic. Because he split his soul into seven pieces, his appearance started to look different, in bad and ugly way.

After 10 years of disappearance, Dark Lord came back before First Wizarding Wars and started to gather his team. He promised wealth and fame to his followers and gained many people in his side by those promises. Not only with promises, he also used magic to get followers.

Voldemort also worked on spells about mind control and mind reading during his disappearance and mastered about those topics. Voldemort is known as the best wizard about mind reading and mind controlling magic.

First Wizarding War

In 1970, Lord Voldemort used a different method in First Wizarding Wars. He used other magical creatures to gain advantage on the battlefield.

Starting with the giants, he got many different magical creatures in his side and caused the most horrible war of wizarding history. Even the Goblins without wands affected with the atmosphere and joined the Lord Voldemort’s side.

Dark Lord gained fame in First Wizarding Wars. Also, the Order of Phoenix was founded at the same time. After 11 years long war, even the name of Lord Voldemort is banned.


At the 10th year of First Wizarding War, a prophecy told by Sybill Trelawney changed the fate of the war, even the fate of all the wizarding world.

While Trelawney was telling the prophecy that will cause the death of Dark Lord, Severus Snape heard first half of the prophecy and told it to Lord Voldemort. Voldemort learned the prophecy about his death and started to search two names that could kill him.

After a long search, Lord Voldemort found the names of Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom and decided to kill Potter to stop prophecy.

At the end of the war, Lord Voldemort defeated and disappeared for a long time. With the help of his Horcruxes, he lived in ghost form for a while and regained his body again.

Second Wizarding Wars

Lord Voldemort returned in 1995 and especially gained power in Ministry of Magic. Ministry denied the return of the Dark Lord and even they punished names like Harry Potter along with all of the Hogwarts because of undisciplined acts and telling lies about Lord Voldemort.

After Voldemort gained enough power at the Ministry of Magic, he started Second Wizarding War. He released many Death Eaters from Azkaban, controlled Dementors and acted very aggressively.

With killing Dumbledore at Battle of Astronomy Tower, the war started officially.

Lord Voldemort was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts. But because of the Horcruxes that he created, he stuck in Limbo after his death.

Special Abilities

  • Dark Arts: Lord Voldemort is more successful than every other wizard in dark arts. His interest to dark arts is started at the young ages.
  • Spells About Mind: Voldemort was controlling people’s mind easily. Even at this Hogwarts years, he used those abilities for many times.
  • Occlumency: Voldemort was exceptionally talented at Occlumency spells. He used those abilities while following Harry Potter.
  • Parseltongue: Lord Voldemort can speak Parseltongue.
  • Horcruxes: Lord Voldemort was the only wizard who can create more than one Horcrux. There were only two wizards that successfully created Horcrux in wizarding history.

Special Notes

  • Even with the Horcruxes, Lord Voldemort lived for 71 years.
  • The only known head boy of Slytherin house is Tom Riddle.


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