Severus Snape

Severus Snape who is one of the main characters for fight against Lord Voldemort was born in 1960. He educated in Hogwarts and started his teaching career at Hogwarts too.


Severus Snape is a half-blood wizard who was born in 9 January 1960 and he is known with his secretive character. He is one of the most complicated characters of Hogwarts and he is one of the main roles who affected the series.

Severus Snape is also known as Half-Blood Prince. In his 38 years long life, he did many jobs, from teacher to headmaster of Hogwarts. Especially, in Wizarding Wars, he sacrificed his life and joined a mission which lead Potter to victory.

Snape was born from a Muggle father and Eileen Snape. He lives among Muggles because his father was a Muggle too. This caused him a very interesting childhood.

He met with people who changed his life, Petunia and Lily Evans when he was 9 years old. He immediately felt in love with Lily Evans. He kept this love until the end of his life and also he started Hogwarts at the same year with Lily.

In 1971, Severus Snape sorted to Slytherin house by the Sorting Hat. Even his love, Lily, sorted into rival house Gryffindor, he kept his love for her and with the part of jealousy, he was started to bear enmity against Sirius Black and James Potter.

He worked to impress and gain the love of Lily in his school years because of this he was also struggled with bullying of James Potter and Sirius Black.

Severus Snape is also a member of Slug Club which was founded by Horace Slughorn. He achieved to join the club because of his amazing talents about the potion making. A portrait of him hanged on the walls of Slug Club.

Severus Snape is the only character who is member of Order of Phoenix and Death Eaters both.

Even the Severus Snape looked like he was in the team of Lord Voldemort, he changed the side right after the death of Lily Evans and joined Order of Phoenix. After that moment, he started to work as a double agent and did a life changing mission in second Wizarding Wars.

Without all the opposite things, Albus Dumbledore was trusting Severus Snape with his life. As a result of this trust, the lifelong secret of these two changed the fate of the war against Voldemort.


Severus Snape is a Muggle born wizard that caused him a hard childhood. Because of his family’s living conditions, he grew up in a place with a lot of violence. He was bullied by his friends in his all childhood long. Even he is a wizard, he always bullied by his friends because of Muggle parents and that leave scars in his character.

Severus Snape live in Cokeworth area, Spinner’s End neighbourhood, near a dirty river and between fusty houses. Along with his Muggle parents, he also bullied and alienated because of his poverty.

Snape met with Lily Evans at young ages in the same neighbourhood. He felt a strong connection for her because of she was the only one who didn’t bully her. This connection left its place into a love and changed directly the Snape’s fate, even all of the Hogwarts fate.

Hogwarts Years

Severus Snape studied in Hogwarts between 1971 and 1978. He was sorted into Slytherin house which Horace Slughorn was head of the house. He met with his rivals, Sirius Black and James Potter, in the school in Hogwarts train for the first time, and they instantly start to argue that cause great rivalry between them.

According to Sirius Black, Severus Snape managed to learn dark arts in no time. Even he was only 11 years old, he was knowing more spells than sixth year students. Snape was very close friend with future Death Eaters gang’s founders Avery and Mulciper. With help of his friends, he even got more advanced in dark arts.

Severus Snape created many spells in his years at Hogwarts. He is especially well known with his signature spell Sectumsempra.

Severus Snape was silent and asocial in his Hogwarts years. He was very talented at magic but he didn’t use those talents to hurt his friends. Even the times when Marauders are bullying him, he didn’t respond with magic.

In his last year of Hogwarts, he learned James and Lily were married. That caused a big jealousy and a big hatred against James Potter.

Half-Blood Prince: Severus Snape

Severus Snape was recording his spells on a notebook. He was created very popular spells like Levicorpus, Sectumsempra and Muffliato and he was signing this notebook as “Half-Blood Prince.”

Severus Snape, gets Half-Blood Prince nickname from his mother’s maiden name.

The notebook of Severus Snape which is called “Advanced Potion Making” was handled by Harry Potter from Professor Slughorn’s closet. Harry Potter was getting the appreciation of Slughorn with using tips and notes in this notebook and creating very advanced potions without any mistake.

The first one that discovered Severus Snape is Half-Blood Prince was Hermione Granger.

First Wizarding War

Severus Snape was with Lord Voldemort among Death Eaters when the war started and he was a spy. He heard two names in a conversation between Albus Dumbledore and foreseeing professor Sybill Trelawney and he told those names to Voldemort.

The prophecy was about two names who are going to end Voldemort. According to prophecy, Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom were going to kill Lord Voldemort. Voldemort decided to destroy those children to protect himself. Therewith, Snape begged Lord Voldemort to spare Lily’s life and said he is ready to give his life for that, but Lord Voldemort didn’t accept this.

Lord Voldemort couldn’t accept to lose his everlasting love Lily’s hurt and told the plans of Voldemort to Albus Dumbledore. After Snape changed sides and begged Albus Dumbledore in tears to hide Lily Potter, Dumbledore didn’t accept this as a suspicion of Snape might be a spy.

When Voldemort went to Potter’s house, he tried to kill Harry Potter but instead of Potter, he killed Lily because she sacrificed her life with love magic to protect Harry Potter. Voldemort killed Lily but Harry Potter stayed alive.

After Voldemort killed Lily Potter, Snape changed his side certainly and joined Dumbledore’s side. He and Dumbledore did the agreement to protect Harry Potter for the first time there.

Second Wizarding Wars

After Voldemort’s return, Severus Snape did his best to protect Harry Potter. He was a professor of potion making at Hogwarts and also a member of Order of Phoenix.

Snape wasn’t like Harry Potter because of the James Potter. Even he was a member of Order of Phoenix, Snape bullied Potter in Hogwarts many times.

When Dumbledore learned Voldemort’s return, he asked Snape to teach Potter about Occlumency so he could stop Lord Voldemort to enter his mind. The only person who can teach this very important spell was Severus Snape and it was very important for Harry Potter’s fate.

Snape gave very detailed Occlumency lessons to Potter and thought him to protect his mind against Voldemort, and they worked on this lessons for a long time.

When Dolores Umbridge came to Hogwarts, Umbridge asked Veritaserum from Snape. Even Severus Snape has the potion, he didn’t give it to Veritaserum so she couldn’t it interrogate the Potter about Dumbledore’s whereabouts. Not only that, he gave a different, fake potion to Potter to keep him away from telling the truth.

Battle of Astronomy Tower

When the Death Eaters were attacking Astronomy Towers, Dumbledore and Harry Potter were talking about Severus Snape. Potter was saying Snape is a Death Eater and working with Voldemort, and trying to persuade Dumbledore. Meanwhile, the Death Eaters met with Dumbledore and the attackers disarmed Dumbledore. Dumbledore said Potter to hide and secured him from Death Eaters.

When was the incident happening, Dumbledore asked Potter to inform Snape. Meanwhile, Snape, did Avada Kedavra spell and killed Dumbledore instead of defending him against Death Eaters.

Harry Potter follows Severus Snape and Death Eaters and tries to kill Severus Snape with casting Sectumsempra. Meanwhile Snape says he is the Half-Blood Prince and the creator of Sectumsempra. Despite all of the efforts of Harry Potter, Death Eaters and Severus Snape manages to escape from Hogwarts.

Severus Snape gained a strong position among Death Eaters after killing Albus Dumbledore and became one of the most loyal servants of Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort trusted Severus Snape without any concern.

Even Severus Snape was looking like he was in the side of Lord Voldemort, he shared intelligence with Order of Phoenix secretly. Snape was helped Potter to escape from ambush in 4 Privet Drive with the information he gave.

Becoming the Headmaster of Hogwarts

Between 1997-1998, after the Ministry of Magic seized by Death Eaters, Snape assigned as Headmaster of Hogwarts. Even he was looking like working for Voldemort, he was preparing the Hogwarts with the help of founder’s portraits against Death Eaters.

When Snape was the headmaster of Hogwarts, he helped Potter in many situations even Potter isn’t aware of those. Especially with hiding the real Sword of Gryffindor and giving the fake one to Death Eaters, he greatly helped to destroy Voldemort’s last horcrux. In addition to those, he showed the place of real sword to Potter with a Patronus, and he changed the fate of the series.

Battle of Hogwarts and His Death

While Potter and his team were searching the last horcrux of Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape was the headmaster of Hogwarts. In great hall, Minerva McGonagall and other members of Order of Phoenix supressed Severus Snape and caused him to escape.

After Snape escaped, Voldemort summoned him. He wasn’t aware what will be going to happen to him. Voldemort told he needs to kill Snape to become true owner of the Elder Wand. Severus Snape, who got the ownership of Elder Wand from Dumbledore bitten by Voldemort’s snake Nagini and fatally wounded.

When Severus Snape was about to die, he shared the memories in his mind with Harry Potter about Lily and Dumbledore and told him to what to do to kill Voldemort. After this, Potter realized Snape was in his side in all time.

After Snape managed to tell Harry Potter he is the horcrux himself, he died there.

After His Death

After Severus Snape’s death, Harry Potter honoured Snape’s heroism and bravery with naming the only child with his mother’s green eyes, Albus Severus Potter. When Albus Severus Potter told he was concerned about sorting into Slytherin house, Harry mentioned Severus Snape as “one of the bravest persons I ever known.”

Special Abilities

  • Dark Arts: Severus Snape was master of dark arts. Even in young ages he created many spells and leave a lot of masterpieces as “Half-Blood Prince.”
  • Potion Making: Along with his student times, he gained massive knowledge about potions in 15 years long professor career too. He can brew complicated potions like Veritaserum and Wolfsbane easily.
  • Occlumency and Legilimency: Snape was very successful at mind reading and sharing memories in his own mind. Snape gave lessons to Potter about protecting his mind against Voldemort and he transferred his memories to Potter before his death.
  • Casting Spells without Magical Words and Wand: Severus Snape can cast spells without using magical words and spell.

Special Notes

  • Severus means cruel in Latin. Also there was a Roman emperor called Septimius Severus who was known with his cruelty.
  • According to J.K Rowling, Snape comes from a village in England’s Yorkshire area. This village was completely destroyed by Septimus Severus and build again.
  • J.K Rowling partly inspirited by her middle school chemistry teacher while creating Severus Snape.
  • In an interview, J.K Rowling said, Lily could be feel something romantically if he wasn’t involved in dark arts.
  • Snape is the only Death Eater who can cast a Patronus.


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