Rubeus Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid is a half giant and one of the most loved staffs of Hogwarts. He is responsible for hunt animals in Hogwarts and also he thought lessons in school too.


Hagrid is the one of the most loved characters of Hogwarts and Harry Potter series. He was born at England’s Forest of Dean town in 6 December 1928. His full name is Professor Rubeus Hagrid and he is a half-giant. He born from wizard father, Mr. Hagrid and a giantess mother Fridwulfa.

Hagrid started his education at Hogwarts in 1940 and sorted to Gryffindor house. He was a good student and had good marks until the Tom Riddle was entrapped him. So that, he left had to left Hogwarts and wizarding education.

Tom Riddle was accused Hagrid by trying to open Chamber of Secrets and using his pet Acromantula to hunt Muggle students. After Tom Riddle accused Hagrid with killing a student, even there were no evidence to proof the claims, Hagrid was kicked out of Hogwarts with the decision of school board.

After he had kicked out from the school, with the special permission of Dumbledore, Hagrid allowed to stay outside of the Hogwarts. He educated about magical animals and started to work at Hogwarts as a gamekeeper.

In 1991, Hagrid appointed with an important mission which is taking Harry Potter to wizarding world. Also, he taught lessons about magical animals as professor in Hogwarts after previous Professor Silvanus Kettleburn retired.


He grew up without mother. Her mother who is a giantess, Fridwulfa, left the Hagrid when he was 3 years old and returned to her giant colony. Hagrid was raised by his father alone. Hagrid mentioned many times he had very little memory about his mother, and he mentioned Fridwulfa as “not a good mother” many times.

Education at Hogwarts

Hagrid’s chances to be accepted for Hogwarts were low but he accepted. He started his education in 1940 and adopted one of the dangerous animals Acromantula, and named him as Aragog in his third year at school.

When he was in his fifth year, he was slandered by Tom Marvolo Riddle. Riddle claimed, Hagrid was trying to open Chamber of Secrets and attacking Muggle students by using his Acromantula. After those claims, another student who Myrtle Warren died and that makes Hagrid position much harder especially because his pet Acromantula and other dangerous animals he was feeding.

Hagrid carried Aragog to forest secretly. After a few days his education at Hogwarts terminated, he banned to use magic and his wand destroyed by Ministry of Magic.

Meanwhile, Dumbledore was professor at Hogwarts and he was believed Hagrid’s innocence. Dumbledore convinced the headmaster of Hogwarts, Armando Dippet and caused him to hire Hagrid in Hogwarts.

Even Hagrid’s wand was destroyed he is able to cast magic with his pink umbrella. It thought this umbrella contains parts of his destroyed wand and produced by using Dumbledore’s Elder Wand.

First Wizarding War

After he had kicked out from the Hogwarts, he joined Order of Phoenix and did a lot of missions for the Order. The most important mission of Hagrid was saving baby Harry Potter from Potter’s home.

He saved Harry Potter by using Sirius Black’s motorbike and gave Harry to Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. After that, Potter placed in his new house safely.

Relationship with Harry Potter

Hagrid was responsible to bring Harry Potter to Hogwarts when he was accepted to school in 1991. He showed all around the wizarding world and teach Harry Potter. Also he developed very strong relationship with him. Hagrid is Harry Potter’s first friend in Hogwarts.

Hagrid was the only person celebrated Harry Potter’s birthday. He gave a cake to him that he made by himself.

Philosopher’s Stone and Hagrid

Hagrid was in very important missions at Hogwarts. He was one of the Dumbledore’s most trustful and experienced employees and friends. He was appointed to protection of Philosopher’s Stone and he locked the stone in vault 713 in Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Hagrid took the stone just one day before the break-in at the Bank. He brings the stone to Hogwarts and hid it in Chamber of Secrets.

Hagrid was imprisoned in Azkaban in 1993 because of the charges made against him. He was thought he opened the Chamber of Secrets. Even Dumbledore was sure about Hagrid’s innocence, Ministry of Magic decided against. At the same time, Hogwarts and students were experiencing difficulties too because of the demotion of Albus Dumbledore by Ministry of Magic.

Hagrid’s Aragog helped Harry Potter to discover Chamber of Secrets.

Second Wizarding Wars

After Albus Dumbledore had learned Voldemort’s return, Hagrid was appointed to a mission by him. Dumbledore asked him to go North to giant colonies and convince them to help at the war against Voldemort. Hagrid went to north with Madam Maxime but he saw colonies weren’t big as the past. Even he couldn’t have convinced giants to fight by his side, he convinced them about not joining Voldemort’s forces.

Meanwhile Voldemort was trying to reach giants with the same purpose as Hagrid. Because of the Voldemort, a big revolt happened in giant colony and that forced Hagrid and Madam Maxime to flee. Hagrid tried very hard to convince his step-brother Grawp to went Hogwarts with him, and a result of strong discussions between them, Grawp accepted Hagrid’s offer. But the Grawp was very aggressive and that was creating dangers for Madame Maxime, as a reason of that they split away from Madame Maxime.

Hagrid was also in the team formed to bring Harry Potter from Dursley’s House. In this mission, Hagrid was with the real Harry Potter and they escaped from Voldemort together.

Hagrid’s Memories About First Wizarding War

Battle of Hogwarts

Hagrid came to Hogwarts to defend it against Voldemort and Death Eaters with his brother Grawp. He was greatly defended Hogwarts against Voldemort’s army by using magical and mystical creatures that he grew.

During the war, Hagrid’s Threstrals were attacked to Voldemort’s army too.

After the War

Because of the Giants long life span compered to Muggles, he is still continuing his job at Hogwarts. He was never married but it thought he has some feelings for Madame Maxine.

Special Abilities

  • Super Human Strength: Because Hagrid is half human half giant, he is very strong compered to humans. He can bend steel just with his hand and he showed his strength many times in series.
  • Connection with Magical Creatures: Hagrid can connect and get along with many creatures like hippogriffs, thestralls and much more. Hagrid has very strong experience in this area and he used this many times.
  • Resistance Against Magic: Hagrid has natural resistance against for every kind of magic, even the black magic because of the giant blood. He didn’t affect from spells made to him by Death Eaters.
  • Archery: Hagrid is very skilled at archery.
  • Culinary: Hagrid has been living in his cabinet for a long time, alone. This makes him an excellent cook. He also baked the cake he gave to Harry Potter by himself.

Special Notes

  • Hagrid’s name has more than one meanings. Hagride means “being tortured” and Hagrid means “alcohol hungover.”
  • Hagrid is the first person who said “You have your mother’s eyes” to Harry Potter.
  • Hagrid character that played by Robbie Coltrane is one of the 14 characters which appeared in all 8 Harry Potter movies.
  • Director of Harry Potter movies Chris Columbus wanted American actor Robin Williams as Hagrid but J.K Rowling refused it because of her “only British and Irish actors” rule.
  • Hagrid is about 2.5m long in movies but he is 3.5m long in the books.
  • No one calls Hagrid with his first name Rubeus except Garrick Ollivander and Tom Riddle. The reason this is unknown.
  • In J.K Rowling’s official webpage, Rowling mentions Hagrid’s allergy to cats. That might be reason of Hagrid’s hatred against Mrs Norris.
  • In a conversation with J.K Rowling, she said Hagrid is never married. When viewers react to that, J.K Rowling responded; “Thank me for not killing him.”
  • When Hermione, Harry and Ron went to Hagrid to ask questions about Philosopher’s Stone in the movie Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone, Hagrid was playing series’ soundtrack with his flute.


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