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Ronald Bilius Weasley is one of the most important three characters of Harry Potter Series. Weasley came from pure blood wizarding family.


His full name is Ronald Bilius Weasley but he called Ron Weasley by his friends and family. He comes from a pure blood wizarding family, and he is the youngest child of the family.

He started his education in 1991 at Hogwarts. He found his best friends and future wife at the first scene, in Hogwarts Express train. He sorted into Gryffindor like Hermione and Harry. Nevertheless, they weren’t good friends from first day. They got closer day by day and joined many different adventures together.

He is a member of golden trio with Hermione and Harry, which lead the series and affected the fate of the series.

Ron Weasley fought with his life starting with securing Philosopher’s Stone to Ginny’s rescue from Chamber of Secrets. He was also had an active role for saving Sirius Black and Battle of Hogwarts.

After the end of wizarding wars and death of the Voldemort, he started his job as an Auror in Ministry of Magic. He changed the structure of Ministry and reformed the old rules. Eventually, he married with Hermione Granger and had two children.

His Family and Childhood

He was born in 1 March 1980 from Arthur and Molly Weasley during first Wizarding Wars. He lost both of his maternal uncles, Favian and Gideon Prewett, during the war against Death Eaters when he was a baby.

He grew up in England’s The Burrow village with his siblings Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ginny and he learned literacy in home like other Weasley children. Even they are a pure blood family, they were poor compared to other pure blood wizard families, and that caused many troubles to Weasleys in their lives. They were named as “pure blood traitors” by many wizarding families, particularly Malfoys.

Ron Weasley’s arachnophobia comes from a joke that one of his brothers made to him. When Ron was young and playing with his toys, his brother transformed a toy into a giant spider and scared him.

Although they live in poverty, Ron Weasley’s childhood was happy.

Hogwarts Years

Ron Weasley was a successful student. He always took high grades in his student years. Although it can’t be compared with Hermione, Weasley has some achievements too.

First Year

He started his education at the age of 11. He is a Gryffindor member like his friends and all of previous Weasleys who were educated in Hogwarts. Weasley and Potter met in Hogwarts Express and they shared same compartment with Hermione too.

Even in their first days at Hogwarts, Potter and Weasley fought against a big troll and saved Hermione. Also, Ron used Wingardium Leviosa spell successfully for the first time against troll which he always failed in the classroom.

Second Year

When there was not a sight of sound of Harry Potter at the beginning of the new school year, he went to Harry Potter’s house and escaped him from his Muggle guardians. Although, their new year started with a great adventure. With the Ron’s Father’s flying car, they managed to reach Hogwarts though just barely.

Also Ron and Harry spied on Malfoy to get some information about opening of Chamber of Secrets and murders around the Hogwarts with the help of the Polyjuice potion which created by Hermione

In great adventure they got in, Weasley showed great heroism and went inside Aragog’s nest that was a spider nest with millions of spiders, even he was scared from spiders.

Ron Weasley awarded because his heroism and he gained 200 points for Gryffindor house at the end of the year.

Third Year

Before the start of Ron Weasley’s third year at the school, Sirius Black was escaped from Azkaban and caused an adventure that was going to change Ron Weasley’s third year at the school, greatly. Weasley was the first name who saw Sirius Black and he taken as a hostage by him. Weasley managed to flee Black with his scream and that made him very famous among students. After he had realized who is Sirius Black, he helped him with Potter and Granger to escape.

While he was trying to help Black, he broke his leg and stayed in hospital for a while.

Fourth Year

In the summer of 1994, Ron Weasley invited Hermione and Harry Potter to Quidditch World Cup. He watched the World Cup for the first time here.

Next day, the camp attacked by some Death Eaters that escaped from Azkaban. In this attack, many wizards lose their lives. The trio was in the camp at the moment of attack. After it, they transferred to safe place by Ministry of Magic.

After he had returned to Hogwarts with his friends, Ron was fall out with Harry Potter and didn’t talked with him for a long time. After the Potter’s name came out from the goblet, despite Harry couldn’t join the tournament because of his age, Weasley thought he did it on purpose to gain more fame. Weasley didn’t believe Potter despite many attempts of Hermione Granger.

In the second task of Triwizard Tournament, Harry Potter was supposed to save Weasley from the place he kidnapped. He had saved the Weasley from underwater right before he drowned. After Potter had saved his life, their friendship restored.

Fifth Year

After the second Wizarding Wars started and Lord Voldemort gain power, Dolores Umbridge took the lead of Hogwarts. Umbridge made Hogwarts a hell for Weasley too. She stepped in almost everything in Hogwarts.

Weasley founded Dumbledore’s Army with Potter and Hermione to prepare students for the return of Lord Voldemort. Weasley thought some spells to students in there.

Weasley improved his Quidditch skills too. In his fifth year at Hogwarts, he played in Quidditch finals for the Gryffindor team. He played outstanding and helped the team for getting the trophy.

Weasley fought against in Lord Voldemort and 12 Death Eaters in Department of Mysteries. With the help of Order of Phoenix and Dumbledore’s Army, he won the battle against Lord Voldemort.

Sixth Year

Sixth year was the hardest one for Ron Weasley. He experienced many unfortunate events and he failed in Quidditch auditions. He also didn’t accept in Slug Club and he started to feel jealousy for Potter and Hermione’s friendship.

Weasley’s friends did their best to help Weasley about his lack of confidence. After Weasley told he want to leave Quidditch team, Potter said that he mixed Felix Felicis in his drink and because of that he was win the match easily. But in reality he didn’t use the potion and Weasley played his outstanding performance by himself. When Potter said that to Weasley after the match, he managed to overcome his problems about lack of confidence.

In same year, Weasley got under the influence of the Love Potion that given by Romilda Vane. Not only that, he drunk a poisonous drink by mistake and hospitalized. His seventh year was full of mistakes and unfortunate events.

In the night of Battle of Astronomy Tower, he drunk Felix Felicis with Hermione upon request of Harry Potter and he fought actively against Death Eaters. He wounded in the war, but it was minor.

Ron Weasley left the Hogwarts with his friends to find Horcruxes. He left the Hogwarts with Hermione to help Harry Potter in the search for Horcruxes. Also, he helped Potter’s transfer from 4 Privet Drive with transforming to Harry Potter’s look. Weasley also infiltrated into Ministry of Magic with his friends to get a horcrux too.

When he was carrying the necklace of Slytherin, he started to get under the negative influence of it. When they hit a death-end, he argued with Potter and left them. Before he left, he took of the horcrux and gave it to Harry. After a while, he gets over the influence of necklace and comes back to his friends.

Meanwhile, Potter was trying to reach Gryffindor’s Sword that under the water. With the effect of the horcrux necklace that he was wearing, he was nearly drowned. Weasley saved him and destroyed the Slytherin’s necklace with the sword.

Battle of Hogwarts

The trio came back to Hogwarts to destroy last horcux. They gathered Dumbledore’s Army and took control of the school. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger destroyed the last horcrux, Hufflepuff Cup together.

Weasley had a very important role for defending Hogwarts and destroying the Lord Voldemort. He did very heroic acts against Lord Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts. He is one of the most important names of wizarding world with Hermione and Potter.

His Life After the War

Ron married with Hermione after the war and had two children. He is an employee of Ministry of Magic with Harry Potter as an Auror. They changed the shape of Ministry of Magic together.

Special Abilities

  • Wizards Chess: Weasley is very talented at chess. He thought how to play chess to Harry Potter.
  • Divination: Even he didn’t like the divination class and he didn’t take any lessons, he has two prophecies that happened.
  • Astronomy: Weasley was a talented student in Astronomy.
  • Quidditch: Even he experienced some problems about his Quidditch skills at the beginning, he became better in time with experiences he got. He is very talented in Quidditch.

Special Notes

  • Ron Weasley is the second friend of Harry Potter after Hagrid.
  • Weasley is one of a few characters that J.K Rowling created before start to write Harry Potter series. Weasley stayed same and author didn’t change anything from drafts.
  • In movie, Professor Slughorn said Ron Rupert instead of Ron Weasley. He mixed his name with the actor’s name that is Rupert Grint. This mistake stays same in the movie.


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