Pomona Sprout

Pomona Sprout is the professor of botanic in Hogwarts. She has colorful personality and she is a very talented wizard.


Pomona Sprout, professor of Herbology and Head Mistress of Hufflepuff house, is one of the very important names of Hogwarts. It thought, she was born in 15 May 1931 or 1941. There is no certain information about her certain birth year.

Pomona Sprout fought against Lord Voldemort in Second Wizarding War. She is one of the names who defended Hogwarts despite many dark creatures and enemies.


Pomona Sprout’s family are wizards like her. She started her education at Hogwarts when she was 11 years old. When she was more interest to herbs anything else, it took the attention of professors and she started a different education than other students.


After she had graduated, she started to teach in Hogwarts right away. She uses one of the Hogwarts’ greenhouses as an office and she gives lessons in it.

Pomona Sprout is famous for ability to get different objects and herbs. Especially she is well known for different magical objects which she brings to Hufflepuff houses. She is one of the most important reasons of Hufflepuff house’s success.

Wars and Battles

Pomona Sprout one of the most important persons in Second Wizarding War. With the help of her alchemy and knowledge of herbs, she helped Order of Phoenix and Battle of Hogwarts, both.

She started to preparations of war right after Potter and his friends came to Hogwarts and got rid of the Snape. Sprout had grown many different plants and used those against Lord Voldemort and Death Eaters. It is known she used plants like Tentacula, Snargaluff and Mandrake at Battle of Hogwarts.

Special Abilities

  • Transfiguration: Sprout has very high skills of transfiguration. She can even transform simple objects into flame successfully.
  • Magical Abilities: She especially mastered on spells about herbs. She can cast spells like Incendio and Lumos Solem very successfully. It is also known she can cast Patronus.
  • Potion Production: Pomona Sprout can create very strong potions. This ability especially comes from knowledge of herbs which are ingredients of potions.
  • Duelling: She showed her ability of duelling many times during the Battle of Hogwarts. She is one of the most successful professors of Hogwarts in duelling.


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  • There are some hints about her career in Pottermore (Pottermore)
  • Early Times of Her Career (Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone – Chapter 8)
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