Nymphadora Tonks

Nymphadora Tonks who is a half-blood wizard with shape shifting abilities played many important roles in Hogwarts history.


Nymphadora Tonks is one of the most important characters in the destiny of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. Nymphadora Tonks, also known as Tonks or Dora too. She took the name of Nymphadora Lupin after she had married. She is the only child of Andromeda Tonk and Ted.

Nymphadora comes from a half-blood family but she has an extraordinary ability. The ability called Metamorphogi allows her to change her psychical shape into anything she wants. She also has an ability to change her shape into animal form too.

Tonks studied in Hogwarts between 1984 – 1991. She was a member of Hufflepuff house.

Tonks Family

Nymphadora Tonk’s birth date is unknown. Her mother comes from an important and famous wizard family called House of Black. It thought, Tonks was born between 1972 – 1973.

Her mother was known as Andromeda Black. She caused disgrace in her family by marrying a Muggle that breaks the generations of pure blood. Because of that, Andromade disgraced and declined by her family.

Nymphadora Tonks was started to show her abilities starting from the first days of her life. When she changed the color of her hair when she was born, her family were realized she is a Metamorphagus

Hogwarts Years

Tonks started to attend Hogwarts in 1984 and sorted to Hufflepuff house. She graduated with extraordinary marks from the school to become an Auror. She also took courses about the potion making, dark arts and other different spells.

Her Role in Second Wizarding Wars

After Lord Voldemort’s return in 1995, she was one of the a few members who were believed Voldemort’s return and didn’t deny it. When the Ministry of Magic lose power, she joined to Order of Phoenix with Kingsley Shacklebolt. After she had been joined to Order of Phoenix, she worked as a spy for the Order in Ministry. Along with this mission, Tonks joined the forces created for protect Harry Potter.

Nymphadora Tonks has an important role in Harry Potter’s life. She also joined the group which escorted Harry Potter to Hogwarts Express in 1995.

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Nymphadora Tonks and other four people with her changed the way of Battle of Department of Mysteries in 1996. Tonks teleported to Department of Mysteries and fought against Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort to protect Harry Potter and his friends.

In this battle, right after she neutralized Lucius Malfoy, she seriously harmed by Bellatrix Lestrange in a duel.

Her Role in Protecting Hogwarts

Even the Nymphadora Tonks continued to work for Order of the Phoenix, but she mandatorily left her duty because of depression. As a result of her depression she wasn’t able to control her shapeshifting abilities that caused her to stay in more passive position.

After Voldemort’s return accepted by Ministry of Magic, Tonks was appointed into group of Aurors which are responsible to protect Hogwarts. She was also helped Harry Potter to get Hogwarts again when Draco Malfoy put out Harry Potter to send him back to London.

Nymphadora Tonk’s hair turns pink color when she is angry and sad.

Battle of Astronomy Tower

Tonks was at patrol mission with Remus and Bill Weasley when Death Eaters were attacking. She fought against Death Eaters with other wizards at Astronomy Tower in 1991. During the battle, Tonks was duelling with Thorfinn Rowle but she had to withdraw against Rowle.


After the Battle of Astronomy Tower, she confessed to Remus she was loving him. After this confession Remus and Tonks became a couple and married with a humble celebration between friends and a few guests.

Even Remus and Tonks were in love with each other, after the marriage they broke up for a short time. Remus was left Tonks after her pregnancy with concerns of their child was going to born with Lycanthropy, as a werewolf like Remus. After the break up, Tonks returned back to her family and live with them for a while.

When Remus and Harry Potter argued about this situation, Remus was persuaded by Harry Potter to return Nymphadora. After Remus apologized to Tonks, they got together again and became most romantic couple of wizarding world.

Tonk and Lupin’s Story

Battle of Hogwarts

Nymphadora didn’t answer the call for defending Hogwarts at first and continued to stay with his family. But right after she was learned, Remus was joined Battle of Hogwats, she decided to join too.

Tonks was very effective against Death Eaters. Especially by defending inside of the castle, she managed to stop entrance of attackers.

Tonks also lost her life in this battle. In her battle against Bellatrix Lestrange, she wounded fatally and died. Her husband Remus was died in Battle of Hogwarts too.

Special Abilities

  • Metamorphmagus: Despite regular wizards, Nymphadora Tonks can change her shape naturally without using any magic or potion. She can shapeshift into another person or any animal she desires.
  • Healing: Nymphadora Tonks is also very good at healing spells. She was healed Harry Potter’s broken nose in 1996.
  • Casting Spells without Magical Words: Tonks can cast some spells without saying the magical words.

Special Notes

  • Name of Nymphadora means “Gift of Nymphs.” Nymphs are sacred creatures who controls trees, oceans and rivers in Greek Mythology.
  • Even Nymphadora Tonks was one of the most important characters of series, she only had 13 lines of script in series. (4 in Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix, 4 in Half-Boold Prince, 5 in Deathly Hallows I)
  • Tonks is fan of Weird Sisters wizard music band which gave a concert in Hogwarts in 1994. (Weird Sisters group’s name comes from all of eight members of the group which all of them are males.)
  • Tonks name comes from the British painter, surgeon and teacher Henry Tonks. Henry Tonks is known with painting detailed drawing of wounded soldiers in World War One and using those paintings as a guide in his surgeries.
  • While selecting cast for the movies, the wife the David Thewlis who played Remus, applied for the Nymphadora Tonks role, and she didn’t hired.


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