Madam Hooch

Madam Hooch who known with her broomstick abilities is the professor of flying and broomstick of Hogwarts.


Her first name is Madam Rolan Hooch. Her exact birthday is unknown, but it thought she was born before 1918. She is well known for her broomstick abilities and flight knowledge.

She is literally the person of mysteries. Her history of Hogwarts is unknown too, but it thought by many students, she was educated in Scotland and she was the captain of her school’s Quidditch team.

Madam Hooch learned using broomstick by herself with a special broomstick called Silver Arrow. She is flying instructor of Hogwarts Wizarding School.


Even her past is unknown, there is a common belief that she was started her education at Hogwarts when she was 11 years old. In her first year of education, she achieved something almost impossible and she accepted to the Quidditch team of the school. She was a hotshot in the team.

Rolanda is one of the rare characters that can use broomstick called Silver Arrow. Even she is very talented with broomsticks, she was detected by a Muggle air defences in wizarding war in 1914 – 1918. She defines this moment as her life’s most embarrassing moment ever.


When she came back to Hogwarts, she started lessons as flight instructor for first year students and also she was a referee on Quidditch teams. She is the only person who is responsible for every kind of flight and broomstick related things in Hogwarts.

She has an office in Hogwarts Castle which she keeps Quidditch balls called Golden Snitch, Quaffle and Bludgers.

Wars and Battles

She was a flight instructor at Hogwarts during all wars of wizarding world. She protected the Hogwarts with other professors during battles. It’s not exactly known what she did in wars and which ones that she actively fought but it thought her knowledge about broomsticks and flights affected the course of events greatly in the wars.

Special Abilities

  • Flight: She learned how to fly with Silver Arrow broomstick. She has natural flying and broomstick usage abilities.
  • Broomstick Knowledge: Because her job is about broomsticks and flight, she knows every ability of broomsticks and histories of those. Madam Hooch also knows broomsticks’ resistances against certain spells.
  • Defence Against Dark Arts: Madam Hooch can cast very strong Impedimenta spell. This spell stops or neutralizes the target temporarily.


  • Relationship Status  – Single (J.K Rowling Podcast)
  • Knowledge about her life (Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone, Chapter 9)
  • Information about her Quidditch referee career (Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone, Chapter 11)
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