Harry Potter

Harry James Potter is a fictional character who was born from Lily Evans and James Potter. He is the lead character of Harry Potter Series.


His full name is Harry James Potter; he is the most famous wizard of all times. He is the son of James Potter and Lily Evans which both are member of Order of Phoenix. He has a life with full of experiences and it is very interesting.

Potter Family

Potter family is very noble and old but until Harry’s birth they don’t have any big success.

Harry’s family comes from 12. Century’s most famous wizard, Linfred of Stinchcombe. Stinchcombe is also known with the nickname of “The Potterer.” His nickname turns into family’s surname with time and the family becomes Potters.

Harry Potter and his family
Harry Potter and his family in Mirror of Erised.

Potters are a pure blood wizarding family. There are many famous Potter wizards in history with many achievements. Apart from Stinchcombe, Abraham Potter was another famous wizard of the family. He was one of the twelve members of United States Congress of Magic. He lived until the end of 17. century and it revealed he was a relative of Harry Potter hundreds years after his death.

Except those names, Ralston Potter and Henry Potter were very active in wizarding world too. They were members of Wizengamot, and they were very active in it.

Potters are also very rich. They a have patent that Harry Potter’s grandfather Fleamont Potter invented called “Sleakezy’s Hair Tonic” which allows to shape the most complicated hairs just with a few drops. Potter family multiplied their wealth with this product.

Harry’s Babyhood

His name was mentioning by many wizards in wizarding world even in his babyhood. Lily Potter didn’t notice she was pregnant until 1979. She gave birth to Harry in 1980, and only a few people knew this. Harry Potter lived with his family in England’s West Country after the birth, he didn’t leave the town too much, he tried to stay away from people.

In his first birthday, he took a toy wizard from his uncle Sirius, and that was the start of his interest to wizarding world. He had started to dream of being a wizard starting from the age one.

Godric Hollow Attack

Harry lost both parents to when he was 2 years old in that unfortunate event. In 1980, because of the prophecy was about a boy who is going to born in July that is going to kill Lord Voldemort. With that lead, Voldemort marked Harry Potter to kill.

In Halloween of 1981, Lord Voldemort attacked Harry Potter’s father and killed him. Right after him, he faced with baby Harry Potter. But Harry’s mother Lily cast a love spell and sacrificed her life for Potter’s and saved him.

After the attack, with the order of Dumbledore, Harry Potter saved by Rubeus Hagrid and put in the custody of his uncle. When he was going for his uncle, Sirius Black stopped them and claimed he is the legal guardian of Potter, but Hagrid didn’t accept that.

Harry’s Childhood

After he started to live with his uncle and aunt continued his interest for magic. He researched about magic all the time, and that caused many troubles for him in his uncle’s house.

Dursley family were Muggles and they didn’t want Potter to interest with magic. Dursleys lied to Potter about his family’s death and said they died because of a car accident. Also they said the scar of Potter was a result of the same car accident.

Potter started his education in St. Gregory School. He especially bullied by Dudley and his gang. His days in there weren’t good either. Because the most scared gang of the school which is Dudleys were hating Potter, other students hated Potter too. Even they played a bullying game called “Harry Hunt.”

Potter’s grades were not perfect but they were enough. Harry was an industrious student and he had an okay education life, but doesn’t perfect.

Beginning of His Wizarding Life

In his 11th birthday, he started to discover his real identity, and also discovered one of the hundreds of letters from Hogwarts hidden from them. Even Harry’s uncle Vernon tried to hide those letters, increasing numbers of them to thousands, made it impossible to hide.

In the night of the same day, Hagrid came into Potter’s house and asked to Harry Potter about letters. Harry Potter learned about his wizarding abilities and his family’s death with the help of Hagrid. Hagrid became the first person who caused him to start his wizarding life.

Harry Potter's letter of acceptance to Hogwarts
Harry Potter’s letter of acceptance to Hogwarts

Harry joined the wizarding world and took his first wand. He bought a very expensive and special wand, also he discovered his family fortune in Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Both Harry and Voldemort have wands with phoenix feather cores that doesn’t allow them to kill each other with those wands.

First Year at Hogwarts

Harry joined an exciting adventure with a train called Hogwarts Express that move from the platform that called 9 ¾. He needs to forget everything he learned for today called to Potter. He did exactly what prophecies said about him and became a legend in wizarding world.

Harry Potter met with Weasley for the first time in train station and they became best friends immediately. Harry managed to board the train with a great difficulty. Iconic trio of the series (Hermione, Ron and Harry) met for the first time in that train.

Harry Potter’s scar that never hurt before was started to hurt when he made an eye contact with Severus Snape. This moment which happened in new year celebration dinner of Hogwarts was a cue about future’s events.

Harry started his potion class with a great enthusiasm, but he realized in his first lesson Snape was hating him. Snape said peppery words to him even outside of his class and showed his hatred against Potter clearly.

Harry Potter got his first achievement with a Quidditch game in his first year. He played outstandingly in a match between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Harry’s that exploit got attention from everyone and applauded, also triggered the jealousy of his rivals. That performance happened there created many troubles to him.

Harry Potter and Cloak of Invisibility
Harry Potter and Cloak of Invisibility

Harry’s adventures in his first years becomes dangerous day by day. As a Christmas gift, he got his father’s cloak of invisibility and he discovered forbidden depths of Hogwarts. He entered forbidden places of Hogwarts with his best friend Ron, and learned something about Snape that makes his life very complicated.

In those forbidden places he found and interested with a magical mirror called Mirror of Erised. Harry Potter saw his family for the first time with the magic of mirror. After Dumbledore found out him, he warned Harry about entering forbidden places and dangers of mirror.

Second Year at Hogwarts

Harry’s second year was very hard compared to first year. Especially things that he experienced in his house at the summer of this year greatly affected his wizarding life. Even it is forbidden to use magic outside of the school, Harry did some spells in his uncle’s house and got a warning from Ministry of Magic.

Harry’s uncle decided to punish Harry Potter because of the dangers he created with magic, and locked him into his room. That created a different adventure for Harry Potter.

When Harry’s friends couldn’t hear any news about him, and Harry was getting depressed, a house elf called Dobby came to Potter’s room. Dobby caused great troubles for Potter but he eventually persuaded him for going back to Hogwarts.

Harry managed to escape from house with Weasley brother’s help after three days of punishment.

Harry’s first adventure in his second Hogwarts year was the Chamber of Secrets. He discovered Chamber of Secrets with his friends and experienced many different things.

His second year at Hogwarts is also the year he did his first wizarding duel. In his duel, Draco Malfoy casted a spell that creates a snake. Harry went under a great danger there but with the help of the professors that crisis was averted.

In his second year, there was a great danger all across the Hogwarts. Something that petrifies many students also petrified his best friend Hermione too. Harry and Ron went in a great adventure in Forbidden Forest to save Hermione. This adventure is also known as the most dangerous thing they did together.

Those events lead Harry to enter Chamber of Secrets, and caused him to learn many dangerous things. Harry’s future was shaped with this event.

Third Yeat Hogwarts

Harry’s third year at Hogwarts was dangerous as usual. Problems that were happening at home and school caused many dangers to Harry Potter. But with his decisive character, Potter overcame all of those dangers.

Even it is forbidden to use spells outside of Hogwarts, Harry Potter ignored all and worked on spells all summer long. Harry continued to improve his magic skills with materials that he stole from the Hogwarts.

In his third year, even he promised to Ron, he won’t search for Sirius Black, he didn’t keep his promise and went into a great adventure with a map that he took from Weasley twins. This magical map called Marauder’s Map which was showing every single hidden passage and location of everybody in Hogwarts. That map put Harry Potter into a great and dangerous adventure.

Third year was full of adventures and dangers too, like his previous years.

Harry’s Other Years at Hogwarts

Harry Potter joined many adventures and very dangerous things in his all of six years of Hogwarts. He mainly focused on his education in forth year but he experienced many great adventures as usual in this year too.

Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts was very traumatic. He witnessed the murder of Cedric Diggory. Moving on from that was very hard for Potter. In same year, went to trial many times for doing unlawful things about magic.

Probably his most productive year was the sixth year of Potter. Even it started with a temporary debarment, Potter was starting to known as “the chosen one” which that also changed the way of his fate. Harry improved his magical capacity and got many experiences in adventures he went with Dumbledore too.

Harry Potter took his first special lesson from Albus Dumbledore in his fifth year.

Battle of Hogwarts

After the return of Voldemort’s army for the second and last time, Harry Potter went back to Hogwarts with Dumbledore’s Army and Order of Phoenix. He took the lead role for defending Hogwarts and he managed to stop Voldemort.

He was outstanding in his life’s greatest achievement that is the Battle of Hogwarts. He fought against Voldemort with other professors and students, neck and neck. At the end of the war, Harry Potter destroyed Voldemort rigorously and bring peace to wizarding world forever.

His heroism and putting his life at stake is the most heroic act of Hogwarts, and also all of the wizarding world.

Special Abilities

  • Auror Skills: Harry Potter started to work as an Auror when he was 26 years old. Even it is a very young age for that career, he was very successful. He also improved his magic skills in those missions too.
  • Duelling: Potter is excellent at duelling. He especially showed those abilities against Death Eaters.
  • Broomstick Abilities: Harry Potter is a successful Quidditch player just like his dad, and he is very good at using broomstick.
  • Parseltongue: Harry Potter can speak the language of snakes.

Special Notes

  • All of the movies ends with a word of Harry Potter.
  • Like the movies, all books are ending with Harry Potter’s speeches or something related to Potter.
  • Harry Potter inspired a rock band called “Harry and the Potters”.
  • Harry Potter is the only wizard that survived all three forbidden spells.
  • Harry Potter travelled with different vehicles in every book.

Harry Potter’s Adult Life

Harry became very successful after his adventures with magic in Hogwarts. He married and had three children that all three of them are very successful wizards. He also got a job related with magic. He thought Defence Against Dark Arts lessons in Hogwarts and right after he joined his current job at Ministry of Magic. He was an Auror for a while and he promoted to head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement.


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