Gellert Grindelwald

Gellert Grindelwald, one of the most dangerous characters of the wizarding history also has a great effect on Albus Dumbledore’s life.


Gellert Grindelwald, one of the most dangerous dark wizards of all times was born in 1883. Gellert Grindelwald, who was the second most dangerous wizard after Tom Riddle was searched all around the world because of the terror he created.

A previous owner of the Elder Wand, Grindelwald defeated and captured in a duel against Albus Dumbledore.

Grindelwald was known as intelligent, ambitious and skilful wizard. He was one of the most scared figures of the wizarding world and created terror all around the globe with using those traits along with his excellent knowledge about magic.

Childhood and Family

Gellert Grindelwald’s exact birthdate is unknown, but it thought he was born in late 1883, according to many sources.

Gellert Grindelwald took his wizarding education at Durmstrang Institute in Scandinavia. He was an excellent and a model student. He was in the spotlight with his researches about dark magic and appreciated by his professors.

Gellert Grindelwald developed a great interest to wizarding history and magical artefacts, especially the Deathly Hallows, starting from young ages. This interest leads him to ownership of the Elder Wand.

Relationship with Dumbledore

Grindelwald expelled from his school because of his interest to dark arts. Meanwhile, he was searching for the Elder Wand and travelled to Godric’s Hollow, where he met with Albus Dumbledore. Grindelwald was not a dark magician in those years and befriended with Albus Dumbledore who is a young and ambitious wizard just like him.

They became closer friends with the help of mutual traits. They supported each other’s ideas and searched for the Deathly Hallows together. Along with this search, they shared the same idea of founding an international wizarding society that will create a new world order, both for wizards and Muggles.

But after a while, tragic event at Dumbledore’s house caused them to split. Grindelwald was in love with Albus Dumbledore’s sister, Ariana. After Dumbledore’s brother Aberforth had opposed their relationship, they started to argue and a death spell from unknown wand killed Ariana. Because of the three-way duel of Dumbledore, Aberforth and Gellert, Dumbledore always regretted that moment and suspected he might have killed his sister accidentally.

After that tragic event, Dumbledore and Grindelwald were split their ways in different paths. Grindelwald interested in dark magic and advanced on that area.

Fear of Grindelwald in Wizarding World

After obtaining the Elder Wand, Grindelwald gained so much power. He also gained many followers around the world and terrorised all of the Europe, created a big wave of fear across the globe.

He was not only a danger for wizarding world, also he was attacking to Muggles too. With this great aggression and his bloody attacks, he is known as one of the most dangerous dark wizards of all wizarding history.

Captivity and Death

Grindelwald was gathering a great army at Europe. He captured by Ministry of Magic with the special mission that assigned to Albus Dumbledore. After one of the most famous and important duels of the wizarding history, the duel of Dumbledore and Grindelwald, he neutralized and imprisoned at Azkaban.

Grindelwald was in Azkaban for 53 years. After Lord Voldemort’s return, he killed by him in his cell. While Lord Voldemort was searching for the Elder Wand, he visited Grindelwald for getting it but he learned Dumbledore got the wand years ago, and that made Dumbledore the new target of Lord Voldemort.

Special Abilities

  • Genius: Grindelwald equally intelligent with Albus Dumbledore and his intelligent helped him to gain thousands of followers.
  • Dark Arts: Grindelwald mastered the dark arts in young ages and became one of the deathliest wizards of all the wizarding history.
  • Prophecy: Grindelwald was very talented at Divination.


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