Garrick Ollivander

The best wandmaker of all times, Garrick Ollivander has a very interesting story. He was tortured by Voldemort and helped Potter with his knowledge in the war. His current condition and profession are unknown.


Garrick Ollivander is a member of Ollivander family which is famous with wandmaking, the most reputed profession of the wizarding world. He was the producer of almost every wand in Hogwarts and England.

The world famous wandmaker Garrick Ollivander is running a wand shop in Diagon Alley starting from 20th century’s first years. He is famous with his excellent memory and knowledge about wands. Ollivander also greatly helped Harry Potter and his friends during their war against Lord Voldemort.

Childhood and Family

Garrick Ollivander’s exact birthdate is unknown. It thought he was born before 1908. It also thought his family is from England, but there is no certain information about that too.

Garrick Ollivander took his wizarding education at Hogwarts Wizarding School. He especially interested in wandmaking and continue his family tradition about wands. He worked on this area in Hogwarts too. He was sorted into Ravenclaw house in his Hogwarts years.

Ollivander was interested into his family business, wandmaking starting from his childhood. After he gain enough knowledge about wands, he tried a lot of new techniques for improving wand cores and woods. After lots of experiments about wands and cores, he became the most successful wandmaker of the world.

His Kidnap and Rescue

During the Second Wizarding War, in 1996, Garrick Ollivander kidnapped by Lord Voldemort and Death Eaters. They kidnapped him without a clue, so his disappearance didn’t draw any attention.

Ollivander forced to build a new wand for Peter Pettingrew when he was a captive in Manor of Malfoy. Also he tortured by Lord Voldemort for information about Harry Potter’s wand.

He also tortured for his knowledge about Elder Wand by Lord Voldemort. His captivity was very painful for Ollivander.

After a while, Harry Potter and his friends rescued him from Malfoy Manor. He tried to recover at Shell Cottage for months. After he recovered from the effects of months long torture, he gave a very important information about the Elder Wand to Harry Potter, and this affected to war greatly.

It is unknown if Garrick Ollivander returned to his shop after the defeat of Lord Voldemort.

Special Abilities

  • Wandmaking: Just like his family, Garrick Ollivander was producing the best wands of the world.
  • Memory: He has exceptional memory, especially about his job. Lord Voldemort tortured him to get information because of his great memory.

Special Notes

  • The only person who knows Lord Voldemort’s real name at Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone is Garrick Ollivander.
  • Ollivander’s first name revealed in Pottermore for the first time.


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