Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore, one of the most famous wizards in wizarding world was the headmaster of Hogwarts for a long time. Dumbledore also known as most talented wizard ever born.


One of the most famous names of the wizarding world, with his full name, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore has many different titles with great importance. Especially he was known with the title of headmaster and principal of Hogwarts Wizarding School. He is a legend in wizarding world.

Other than Hogwart’s headmaster, he was the principal of International Wizards Confederation (Supreme Mugwump) and Principal of Wizengamot Court. Dumbledore is a character who reached the places that no one can reach ever.

Albus Dumbledore was born in 1881 and he is a half-blood wizard. His father died in Azkaban when Dumbledore was a child. His mother and sister died because of an accident. Those loses that Dumbledore experienced in young ages caused his character to improve and become a better person.

Dumbledore is known as the best wizard of his time. He is known with defeating the most dangerous wizard after Tom Riddle, Gellert Grindewald, discovering 12 different purposes of dragon blood and alchemy works he did with Nicolas Flamel.

Albus Dumbledore founded the first Order of Phoenix to fight against Lord Voldemort and fought against dark creatures in First and Second Wizarding Wars. Dumbledore, left solid marks to wizarding world with his experiences and skills.

The only person who Lord Voldemort scared from is known as Albus Dumbledore.

Albus Dumbledore helped to destroy Lord Voldemort completely with a great plan he created and bring peace to wizarding world. He is the only headmaster who buried in Hogwarts too.


Albus Dumbledore bornt in 1881 from Kendra and Percival Dumbledore. He was born in a wizarding village called Mould-on-the-Wold and raised in there. Dumbledore’s first tragedy was the loss of his sister. His life changed after this moment.

A group of Muggles saw Albus’ sister Ariana Dumbledore while she was doing magic, and they attacked her that reasoned by mentally depress her. After he saw the situation about his sister’s mental health, Albus’ views to magic and other people are changed.

Ariana’s mental health worsened day by day and she started to scare by her own magic that resulted as aggressiveness around the people. Albus’ father was very sad about his daughter’s situation and avenged her with doing the same thing to Muggles who attacked his Ariana. After that, Percival Dumbledore punished with lifelong imprisonment in Azkaban. Percival Dumbledore died in Azkaban in short time.

After this incident, Kendra Dumbledore couldn’t handle the pressure people around and moved to Godric’s Hollow. Her family started to live very isolated and quiet away from everyone. Albus Dumbledore, who was about to lose his mother and sister, learned to be quiet about his family when he left home.

Dumbledore’s sister Ariana killed her mother accidently by losing control of her magic abilities.

His Education at Hogwarts

In the autumn of 1892, Albus Dumbledore started his education at Hogwarts and sorted into Gryffindor house. Meanwhile, his father’s crimes were a big gossip topic around the school and Dumbledore’s school life was hard as his childhood.

Although his school life started very hard, in forthcoming days with the help of his social connections and skills, he became a person that loved by everyone. He became friends with important names like Elphias Doge, Nicolas Flamel and Bathilda Bagshot.

He was extremely good at his lessons. In his fifth years, he promoted to “perfect” which is helper of head student. In his seventh year, he became head student of Gryffindor house.

After he had graduated and dead of his mother, he returned to house. Meanwhile he learned about Ariana’s relationship from Aberforth. Ariana was in a romantic relationship with Gridelwald. When Aberforth told Gridelwald that Ariana no longer wants him, Gridelwald burst with anger and did Cruciatus spell to Aberforth. After they were started to duelling, a spell that unknown who casted hit Ariana and killed her. Gridelwald escaped with a rush but Albus and Aberforth took the responsibility, and they always regret it.

Hogwarts Career

After unfortunate incident that happened in his house, Dumbledore returned to Hogwarts and started to work as professor of Transfiguration. He rises in his area very fast and starts to work as a columnist at “Transfiguration Today” magazine too.

With his job as a professor, Dumbledore also got the job of selecting students to Hogwarts. He was the person who selected Tom Riddle from Wool’s Orphanage and bring him to Hogwarts. Dumbledore was one of the rare names who didn’t affect by Riddle’s charming spells.

In 1943, after some Muggle students killed, he started to suspect from Tom Riddle but he didn’t find any clue lead to him yet he started to keep tabs on Tom Riddle.

Meanwhile those were happening in Hogwarts, Gellert Grindewald was escaped to Europe and gained the control of the Elder Wand. With the help of Elder Wand, he started to gather a big army. Grindewald was bringing terror across the Europe because no one couldn’t stop him. The only person who can stop him was Dumbledore himself but he hesitated to go because he was scared to reveal the real killer of Ariana. But after a while, he decided to involve to stop Grindewald.

He won the duel against Grindewald and became the new owner of the Elder Wand. Gridelwald was imprisoned in Nurmengard prison, and Dumbledore rewarded with The Order of Merlin because of this success.

The duel between Gridewald and Dumbledore accepted as the most legendary duel of wizarding history.

Dumbledore offered with job at Ministry of Magic but he rejected all the offers and became the headmaster of Hogwarts. Dumbledore is one of the most important names in Hogwarts history. He took the lead role to bring Hogwarts forward.

After he had become the headmaster of Hogwarts, he managed the school fair to everyone. He even employed werewolf Remus Lupin that no one ever does.

One of the Dumbledore’s annual opening speeches

First Wizarding War

In 1970s, when Voldemort was gaining power again, Dumbledore founded a secret organisation that called Order of Phoenix. This organisation is only defence of wizarding world against Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort.

While the war continues, Dumbledore was hired Sybill Trelawney in Hogwarts, even he thinks divination class is not necessary. But Trelawney told Dumbledore prophecies about Harry Potter and how to kill Lord Voldemort that was a great help for the war.

After Severus Snape had changed the sides and asked for the help of him, he ensured it was necessary to protect Harry Potter, and lead the Order of Phoenix in that way.

When Voldemort killed Harry Potter’s family, Dumbledore took the lead by himself and cared the Potter from bringing him to his new family to his last breath.

Second Wizarding War

When the potter said Lord Voldemort is back, Dumbledore trusted him and tried to persuade Ministry of Magic but he failed. Not only that, he also lost his titles Wizengamot and Supreme Mugwump because of his recalcitrant acts against the Ministry.  After this events, Albus Dumbledore gathered the Order of Phoenix again to defend Harry Potter against Lord Voldemort.

After Dumbledore discovered the connection between Voldemort and Harry Potter’s mind, he assigned Severus Snape to teach Potter about how to block his mind against intruders. He was discovered Voldemort can reach the Harry Potter’s life and with this discovery, he did something which he will use many times in his life.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Magic’s pressure to Hogwarts was getting harder each day. Dolores Umbridge who was send by ministry to supervision took all the permissions of Dumbledore and changed the tune of the Hogwarts.

When the Hogwarts were struggling with bad administration, students weren’t able to get enough lessons to defend themselves against Lord Voldemort and that puts both students and Hogwarts under danger.

At the moment Lord Voldemort and other Death Eaters ambushed Harry Potter and his friends in Department of Mysteries, he went the ministry with other members of Order of Phoenix and defended Harry Potter. The duel that placed in there was a milestone in wizarding history.

As a result of the duel, Voldemort managed to suppress Voldemort and caused him to flee.

When the Ministry of Magic accepted Voldemort’s return, they pardoned Dumbledore and gave back his titles.

Between years 1996 – 1997, Dumbledore thought many lessons to Harry Potter about his destiny and how to destroy Lord Voldemort, and gave information about horcruxes. With transferring his own memories about how to fight against Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore set the mind-set of Harry Potter to preparing for the war.

In the summer of 1996, while Dumbledore following the traces of Voldemort’s horcruxes, he found a horcrux ring which is including one of the Deathly Hallows, The Resurrection Stone. Dumbledore used that ring to see his family one last time but he found out the ring was cursed by Voldemort.

The curse of the ring was spread to his hand in a short time. When he came back to Hogwarts, with the help of Severus Snape, he managed to detain the curse in this hand but it was going to kill him eventually.

Dumbledore was his horcrux search and found a Horcrux in Crystal Cave. He went to cave with Harry Potter and drunk a potion called Emerald Potion, which creates horror, despair and extreme thirst on drinker to reach Horcrux in it.

To destroy horcrux, he was asked Potter to make him drink the potion at all cost. Potter accepted this and even Dumbledore begged him, he wasn’t stop and kept his promise that allowed them to destroy horcrux.

After a hard journey, they managed to Hogwarts but it wasn’t the end for them. When they arrived to Hogwarts, the Battle of Astronomy Tower started already. Dumbledore hid the Poter under cloak of invisibility and temporarily paralyzed him to make him safe, but he was desperate against Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters.

Dumbledore disarmed by Malfoy and he was aware he was going to die there and planned to be killed by Snape. Meanwhile, Severus Snape came to Astronomy Tower and killed Dumbledore according to pact they made and kept as a secret along their lives. Snape killed the Dumbledore with Avada Kedavra spell and that allowed him to leak into Lord Voldemort’s team as a spy.

Cursed ring’s effects to Dumbledore

After His Death

Dumbledore is the only teacher who buried into Hogwarts Castle after death. With the items he gave to Potter and his friends he contributed the fight against Voldemort.

Dumbledore was buried with his wand, Elder Wand, but his tomb opened and it was stolen by Lord Voldemort

And also he talked with Harry Potter, after Potter hit by Voldemort in a place between life and death called Limbo, and advised him about the fight against Voldemort.

Special Abilities

  • High Intelligence: Dumbledore is also known with his high intelligence. He is the cleverest student of Hogwarts, by far.
  • Invisibility: Albus Dumbledore was able to be invisible without invisibility cloak. He could cast very advanced illusion magic.
  • Occlumency and Legilimency: He can read minds and transfer memories from his mind. Dumbledore transferred many memories to Potter from his mind.
  • Master of Deathly Hallows: Even he didn’t own the all Deathly Hallows, he used Elder Wand and Cloak of Invisibility.
  • Casting Spells without Wand and Magical Words: Albus Dumbledore can cast spells without using wand or saying any magical words.
  • Aurologist: Dumbledore can find magical traces about which spell is used, where the wizard gone and other details. He used this ability to follow Horcruxes.
  • Resistance for Water and Fire: Dumbledore can especially use fire spells. It is known he has resistance for water and fire.
  • Magical Language Master: Dumbledore can speak many languages and learn new ones instantly with magic.

Special Notes

  • Albus, parlak ve beyaz anlamlarına gelmektedir. Albus means white and shiny.
  • Dumbledore means “bumblebee” in 18. Century English
  • It is thought J.K Rowling was inspired by his old school principal Alfred Dunn.
  • In 2007, J.K Rowling announced Albus Dumbledore was homosexual and has romantic feelings for Gellert Grindelwald.
  • In a conversation, J.K Rowling answered the question of “which character would you like to have dinner with?” as “Albus Dumbledore to listen his advices.”


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