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    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Android APK Download

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite creating a connection between real-world and the wizarding world and allows players to experience a deep and intense atmosphere of the Harry Potter universe. Especially with the connection that you are going to make with real-world objects, the game guarantees a great time to its players. Niantic used everything, including past […] More

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    Andre Egwu: Who’s Andre Egwu’s favourite team?

    The question “Who’s my favourite team?” is asked by Andre Egwu on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery while you’re playing Gobstones with him. It is showed as the first question of the quiz of the playing gobstone activity. There are two right answers and one wrong answer. The one of the right answers is better than […] More

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    Andre Egwu: Who was a Quidditch referee?

    The question “Who was a Quidditch referee?” is asked by Andre Egwu on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery while your character is playing Gobstones with him. There are two right answers and one wrong answer. Andre Egwu: Who was a Quidditch referee? Result Answer THE BEST Leopoldina Smethwyck SECOND Cyprian Youdle WRONG Glynnis Griffiths If you […] More

  • Diagon Alley

    Diagon Alley

    Diagon Alley is the marketplace, especially used by wizards in England. It is reachable by passing a secret passage, in a pub called Leaky Cauldron in London. Diagon Alley has many different shops and places for wizards’ every need. A wizard can buy anything related with the magic in Diagon Alley. Diagon Alley is completely […] More

  • Ollivanders in Diagon Alley


    Starting with the Harry Potter, Ollivanders is the shop that every single wizard in England, had bought their wands. It is located in Diagon Alley and it is one of the most important places of the Diagon Alley. Especially, the Ollivander family’s tradition on wandmaking makes them the best of the world. History Ollivander family […] More

  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Youtubers

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Youtubers

    We are very close to an augmented reality Harry Potter game, it will be released soon. Many of the Youtubers and Potterheads are already excited about it. Even some of those players created videos about the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and published. There are many expectations about the game. Especially, after the upsetting results about […] More

  • Garrick Ollivander

    Garrick Ollivander

    Garrick Ollivander is a member of Ollivander family which is famous with wandmaking, the most reputed profession of the wizarding world. He was the producer of almost every wand in Hogwarts and England. The world famous wandmaker Garrick Ollivander is running a wand shop in Diagon Alley starting from 20th century’s first years. He is […] More

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    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Date and Possible Available Countries

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the most anticipated augmented reality supported mobile game of the 2018. After the hype of Pokemon GO, Niantic is developing a new mobile game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Just like Pokemon GO, players are using the real world for the game. Exploring around for in game experience, interactions and […] More

  • Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle)



    Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle)

    Lord Voldemort is the evillest character of the Harry Potter series. Lord Voldemort was very interested in dangerous creatures and spells. His full name is “Tom Marvolo Riddle” and he has aliases like “he who must not be named” and “dark lord“. Lord Voldemort was one of the Hogwarts students and he was very ambitious […] More

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